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Add Some Depth to Your Walls

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If you feel trapped by your own room, it is probably due to its size, or the clutter in it. Making a room physically bigger is complicated work, and more often impossible than not. Cleaning out a room remains the most budget friendly, optimal solution, but if you feel it still does not solve the problem, then there is another trick that could change the perspective: adding depth to your walls will expand the visual perception of your room. “Depthification” can be achieved in multiple ways, so have a look at this handy list of some of the best methods, and start sketching a blueprint!

Wallpaper Patterned Paint Roller

These rollers make your walls look as if they have been wallpapered, without the health issues of wallpaper glue and peeling. They come in a multitude of patterns, from fun and trendy, to elegant and classy. You simply dip them into your color of choice and roll the pattern down the wall, just like you would do with any other type of roller. They can be directly applied to brick walls, or you could set the fundamental paint layer first and add a wallpaper pattern on top of it, to create a contrasting effect.

Wallpaper Patterned Paint Roller

Ombre Wall Dye

This professional painting technique is becoming increasingly popular due to the popularity of ombre in the world of hair care and fashion, and as of recently, home interior decoration. The effect gives walls an original and personal touch, and the homeowner the reputation of an up-to-date classy individual. Furthermore, blending multiple colors or different shades of the same color palette with no brush or border lines creates a soothing 3D effect and can be easily incorporated in any type of room.

Plaster Wall Panels

These are ready made panels that can are highly customizable in color palettes and patterns. Also, they are easy to mount and remove, and are generally a great tool to visually enrich any room by its relief surface.

Rag Rolling

This special painting technique is a nice way to make original non-repetitive patterns on your wall surface. You apply the base layer of paint first and let it dry. Then, you apply the second layer using a rag, thus creating uneven top layer that provides additional feeling of depth.

Wall Nooks

Carefully placing wall nooks around the house is another way of creatively deepening the walls. You can use them to display works of art or flower arrangements, or simply paint them in interesting contrasting colors. Framing these wall nooks will further enhance the depth effect.

Vivid Wallpapers

If you opt for genuine wallpapers, go for vivid ones – if you wanted something modest, you’d simply paint it on, right? Prints inspired by the diverse world of flora and fauna, hama kei and mori kei, urban skylines, or perhaps a cartoon inspired wallpaper for your kid’s room will make a change in your room’s appearance and give depth to your walls as well. If you ever get bored with the chosen motif, replacing wallpapers is the easiest.

Radiator by baijg

There are more wall renovation techniques available, but we feel that these are the most effective ones and that among them you will surely find the one that will give that extra oomph to your walls, accompanied by an interesting personal touch to the overall atmosphere.

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