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Advantages of Using a Top Quality Lay Flat Hose

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Lay flat hoses offer a host of advantages to the users as compared to the other pipe technologies when we considering moving large volume of water. Water is moved in large quantities with the help of high quality lay flat hoses to support the fracking activity. Some of the obvious benefits of using lay flat hoses include –

  • Decrease in material handling costs and labor
  • Reduction in HSE (Health Safety & Environment) exposure
  • Can be used in transfer applications of broader spectrum recycled water and flow back water
  • Operational improvement efficiencies

Flexible lay flat hoses help with storage and transport volumes, usage and handling. The Lay flat hoses are mostly made of nitrile rubber and thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU. These extruded hoses are very strong. Strong bond ensured between the rubber cover or TPU and the inner reinforcement with the help of extrusion through the weave method.

As compared to nitrile rubber, TPU has four to five times better abrasion resistance. As compared to PVC the nitrile rubber has three times more resistance to abrasion. This is the reason why these materials are used in high quality lay flat hose.

While purchasing lay flat hoses, it is important to look for a reliable manufacturer with the necessary certifications. It is also important to carefully go through the technical specifications such as information about chemical resistance and pressure drop. If your requirement for lay flat hose is not in the normal standard size range, you can approach manufactures that will customize the hose to specific requirements.

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Broadly speaking, lay flat hoses are of two different types;

Braided hoses with spun reinforcement –

Most of these hoses come with spun reinforcement or in the braided variety like the garden hoses and hydraulic hoses. The burst pressure in the hose is determined by the amount of reinforcement. This is one of the reasons why thicker the hose wall, stronger the hose is. Lay flat hose with limited end pull or tensile strength delaminates or stretches by cutting the braid when pulled hard.

Woven reinforcement hoses –

Similar to the circular hoisting woven sling, this type of hose gets reinforcement through weaving. Very high tensile strength and burst pressure ratings can be achieved because the woven reinforcement in the hose effectively interlocks. As compared to the braided reinforcements, the woven jacket hoses with identical pressure rating requires only one fifth of the wall thickness.

High quality hoses last for a long time and can be utilized for most areas. The extensive range of lay flat hose products available in the market today include –

  • Drinking water hoses
  • Irrigation hoses
  • Compressed air hoses
  • Fire hoses
  • Pipe rehabilitation linings
  • Dewatering hoses
  • Heavy duty transfer hoses
  • Slurry drag hoses

These hoses are indispensable in the oil and gas industry. These industries use miles of no-leak lay flat hoses for transporting oil and gas to and from different areas. Oil and gas transportation hoses are larger in diameter and made of the best quality polyurethane. These hoses are durable and can be quickly removed after deployment. They are environment friendly and serve the fracking efforts in the best way. They are also puncture resistant and pressure tested, and so they offer maximum value to the whole setup.

If you are looking for the best quality lay flat hose for general water transformer or sub mains, then only choose the ones that are offered by the reputed manufacturers. If you buy a durable hose, the strong construction ensures that the system is leak free. Lay flat hoses can be rolled up in a compact manner and stored to be reused later for different applications. The best lay flat hoses come in a unique design that minimizes snaking and elongation.

For safety and durability always trust industry leaders! Check out the most trusted and comprehensive Hose manufacturing company to ensure utmost safety and high durability.

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