optimizing your workspace

Amazing ways to boost your productivity by optimizing your workspace

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Today, we spend most of our time working- at office, at home, even at cafés. Sometimes, we get too occupied with getting our job done that we completely forget about our surroundings. Did you know that your office interior is one of the most vital factors that influence your well-being? If you are constantly feeling exhausted, moody, dissatisfied and uninspired during your working time, you are probably affected by inadequate office decor. That’s why you need to optimize it. If you are not sure where to start, check out these amazing tips!

# Declutter

When you decide to change something about your lifestyle, you should start with the simplest activities. For example, you could declutter your workspace first. Many recent researches have shown that messy desks undermine people’s productivity, making them less cooperative and satisfied. On the contrary, tidy and well-organized desks boost your creativity and willingness to come up with fresh solutions. Apart from influencing your mood, office interior will also make your clients and colleagues appreciate you more or less. People who keep their workspace clean are considered more professional, ambitious and organized.

# Feng Shui for desk organization

Have you ever felt that the arrangement of furniture and accessories in your office frustrates you? If you have, maybe you should learn something about Feng Shui. According to this amazing ancient Chinese art, everything around us influences our well-being. In this case, you should pay special attention to the arrangement of stuff at your desk. For instance, you could set your desk opposite the front or main door. This arrangement symbolizes you seeing new business opportunities as they approach you.

After eliminating clutter from your desk, you should follow Feng Shui tips for dividing your desktop into nine-part sections, each of which has different purpose. You should choose two or three sections that are most important to you and stick to them.

# Comfort above all

Did you know that improper sitting could lead to various health issues? Also, spending more than six hours sitting cuts our life for about seven years and causes severe diseases, including heart attack and obesity. If you have just recognized yourself in the future, don’t despair. There are numerous solutions to this problem.

optimizing your workspace

Firstly, you should buy comfortable and healthy office furniture. For example, you should choose a desk one that enables the distance of 20 inches between you and the monitor. Your computer screen is supposed to be at least 5 inches below your sight level and centered right in from of you. Once you have chosen a proper desk, you should also choose adequate chair that needs to be tall enough in order to provide comfortable support to your tired and painful back. Not sticking to these rules could result in numerous health issues, such as fatigue, tiredness, blurred vision and unbearable back pain.

Another amazing solution that will help you rest your back and stay vital even after an entire day spent working is buying a standing desk. Unlike traditional desks, standing desk will contribute to your good posture, make your blood circulate normally and prevent numerous diseases caused by constant sitting. According to dozens of satisfied users, it seems that standing desks also improve our productivity.

# Colors

optimizing your workspace
Another factor that influences productivity is colors. According to numerous researches, each individual reacts to colors in a different way. For some, yellow unleashes creativity, green creates harmony, while blue is great for relaxation. However, if you are not sure what color you should choose, you could go for standard solutions, including brighter and relaxing colors that add positive and calming atmosphere. While white might seem to sterile, bright yellow, orange or green could be a perfect solution for you. Apart from bright and relaxing colors, you should also provide the room with sufficient amounts of both natural and artificial light.

# Bring vivacity into the office

Once you finish the basic decoration process, you should pay attention to details. As you probably know, it is the small things that unveil our inspiration and fresh ideas. For example, you could green your office up with plants, which have numerous purposes. They purify the air in the room and have calming properties. You could also make a vision board, which is a powerful representation of everything you want to achieve in the future. Place it above your desk in order to see it all the time. It serves as both great stimulus and interesting embellishment. Once you combine all these office interior design requirements, you can freely say that it is optimized.

Today, the stress is put to the unbreakable relationship between employee’s productivity and the organization of their workspace. Even if you don’t notice it, your well-being, creativity and satisfaction are highly influenced by the atmosphere in your office. Following these tips, you will be able to optimize your workplace and boost your productivity.

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