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Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

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Having a lovely backyard is just one of the advantages of owning a home. This is the best place to come and relax when the weather is nice, this is where you can enjoy your free time with your loved ones, your friends, your children and create memories you’ll never forget.
Yet, with all the work we do on daily basis it is not uncommon that there is no time to take care of the yard and keep it looking gorgeous as it initially was. Plus, the weather changes tend to be the biggest enemy for any outdoor space, which is why it either needs constant care or re-decorating options from time to time.

However, even when there’s will and time there’s probably not enough money to pull the whole decorating process off.

We are giving you a few great landscaping ideas you can use and still not bust your wallet.

  1. Patio furniture
  2. Patio furniture

    The first thing to do when re-decorating your backyard is to start with your patio furniture. If your old one is worn out and obviously needs repairing, it’s your time to shine! Since you are on a budget buying new patio or paying someone to re-do your current one isn’t really an option. But that’s okay, no need to despair – you can do this yourself or even make it a family adventure and have everyone help out!

    Strip down the old paint with sandpaper and make a smooth surface for the new coat of paint. To make the whole set look more interesting and fun, maybe opt for different colors for each chair. Or, go playful with patterns and colors of bench and chair pillows, umbrella design and similar decorative elements.

    If the patio furniture you own is impossible to re-do, you can always make new outdoor seating elements yourself. This is a perfect opportunity for all of your creative minds to let your creativity loose! All you need are wooden boards screwed down together and topped off with thick coushins. You may make a full seating area out of this. Just make sure the wood is full and that it hasn’t been exposed to water (you don’t want anyone to sit and fall through).

  3. Plants and greens
  4. Plants

    For a yard to look gorgeous, nothing is as relevant as the greens you plant. If your flowers died, take some time to replants everything, to fix the grass and plant new greenery. Add flower pots along the backyard path for a romantic feel. Use little pieces of stones to line the gardening section. It will look rich and planned. Make sure you water regularly so the plants don’t dry out.

  5. The lightning
  6. lights

    Each indoor and outdoor space needs a good lightning to look and feel wonderful. So, to give your lovely outdoor space a charm it lacks, choose proper lightning that will make it look even better.

    Good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money on fixing the lights. You may buy several sets of Christmas lights in either one color (white or yellow, preferably) or the colourful ones and hang them around the yard. The space will get the romantic feel and you’ll be ready to enjoy every moment out there with your family.

  7. Shade sails
  8. Not everybody has the luck to live in California that’s always hot and rarely ever rainy. For all of us others who are often surprised by summer and spring rains yet don’t want to interrupt our lovely time outdoors because of a few drops, we need to protect our yard space from the nasty water. The best way to do that is to put up shade sails. Even a better option are waterproof shade sails that, unlike regular ones, won’t protect you just from the sun, but rain as well! You may choose sails in interesting patterns or color, just make sure they agree with the rest of your yard décor. Hint: see for the sails to agree in style/shade/color/pattern with your patio furniture or the pillows and covers on the patio. You want the sense of cohesion, not a circus like feel, right?

Redoing your backyard isn’t such a hard job even though it may look like it is at first. All it takes is good organization, a plan, staying focus to the end goal and a lot of patience and creativity. Good luck!

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