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Celebrity Winter Fashion Secrets for 2015

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With winters round the corner, it comes as no surprise that fashion lovers are out and about the streets to stock their wardrobes with the latest in clothing and footwear to face the winters in style. Winter fashion is all about mixing various elements to create an overall smart and sophisticated look and who better to channel than your favourite celebrities?

Check out these fashion trends that you can easily take inspiration from for your winter wardrobe as well:

Polo Neck Dress

You might have heard of halter dresses and peplum dresses but what you absolutely must invest in is a polo neck dress which will totally sky rocket your fashion statement. A woollen polo neck dress will not just keep you warm but will also help you remain at the top of your fashion game. Pair it up with tights or jeggings or just thigh high boots. This is one look that cannot fail. Selena Gomez looks exceptionally sensational in this particular look- wish we had her hair too!

Polo Neck Dress


Scarves don’t just protect you against the blistering winds but they also make a totally rocking style statement. You can turn around a dull outfit with a dash of color with a beautiful scarf which can either be monochromatic or a patterned one for more exuberance. Go in for a contrasting color to make your outfit more vivacious and channel your inner diva. Taylor totally completes this otherwise simple look with a brilliant scarf making it a winner for sure. Get unending varieties of scarves with jabong coupons to get the perfect look for every outfit without fuss!


Colored Coat

When greys and blues just won’t cut it and you don’t know what you can do to make your outfit stand out, go in for a colored coat that will turn any plain Jane outfit into a stunning eye turner. Wear a monochromatic outfit or simple jeans and a top and throw in a colourful coat- show your vivaciousness by your choice of color. From hot reds to flaring purples- sky’s the limit for this look! Selena definitely deserves another spot on this list for nailing this fiery red coat with such elegance!

Leather Boots

Leather boots are surely a must have this winter as they help you totally nail the perfect winter look with ease giving you both a comfort and fashion. Leather boots can do no wrong and can be paired with a variety of outfits. Pair them up with coats or leather jackets to really kill it with your winter look. Be sure to invest in a pair of leather boots which you can buy using Koovs coupons to take your wardrobe a notch higher for sure. If you weren’t already in love with the perfect Jennifer Anniston- perhaps this will help!’

Leather Boots

Knit Sweaters

Knit sweaters seem to be circling back in as they are perfect for a laid back look when you don’t want to go too over the top with fashion and yet come off as presentable. Not only will they keep you warm, there are a hundred different ways to wear knit sweaters. You can go in for monochromatic ones, oversized ones, patterned ones and long ones as well. When paired with the right boots, this look is definitely going to be your favourite as it’s easy to accomplish and looks oh so fashion forward! Kendall Jenner surely knows how to make a simple sweater look so ravishing!

These fashion tricks will surely help you organise your winter wardrobe as well. Winter is about warmth and let that warmth flow through your fashion as well with the perfect outfits!

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