Clothes Do Make the “Man”

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In India, fashion is heading into a new direction. It is not only limited to females only. The male closet is opening up in a big way. Men’s fashion market was dominated by traditional wear like bandhgalas and sherwanis only. Menswear was primarily associated with clear cut designs and patterns in plain colors. But now this segment has become more stylish and trendy and is growing at a fast pace. Indian men little knew about double cuffs, slim fits and flat front trousers. Now, they have adapted to the ongoing fashion. They aspire to look presentable and have become fashion conscious. A decade there were mot many designers for Men’s clothing and now we all very well know Arjun Khanna, Rajiv Mohan, Raghvendra Rathore, Ahish Soni and likes who have made big name in the fashion industry for men’s. These designers are applauded for their intricate detailing, chic designs and impeccable cuts.

India is also home to a number of high ranked apparel brands who has worldwide presence. Until few years back international men apparel brands were little known to Indian men’s. When these international brands entered India they inspired designers to make creations in Indian touch. Since there is a huge prospective to grow in India and there is an upsurge in fashion consciousness of Indians, these brands have established their branches in India as they can see huge market in India. Indian men’s want their own identity and associate themselves with some kind of aesthetic look. Men have become conscious of their wardrobe and follow on-going trend. Their ways of perceiving fashion has changed immensely and are spending more time in front of mirror. They take more care when they dress up. The increase in fashion consciousness along with factors like growing consumer class, rising urbanization, changing fashion luxury Clothing Brands and increasing retail penetration have led to a high growth on the Indian apparel industry for men.


Analyst states that the menswear market in India has become the fastest growing apparel segment. Today the men want to look dapper. Also, it is the fastest growing luxury segment, going higher above the women’s share. In India, men are the prime spenders in the family. In case where there is equal spending power, females prefer to buy more of jewelry whereas men spend on apparel and technology. Men have more brand loyalty and are quick shoppers. The styles and color for men’s apparel are standardized as compared to women. Gone are the days wear men used to but dress material and then run to tailor for customized fittings. Men are now looking for ready to wear luxury apparels. The younger generation working in corporate or a business man are now dressing formally and love to suit up for their office. This has become an essential for their work wardrobe. The increase in disposable income and greater brand consciousness has increased the number of luxury buyers in India.

Broadly these luxury buyers are into four categories. Firstly, the ones who are born with a silver spoon have old money of their forefathers and need no introduction to high brands. Then the new professionals, who have just joined the workforce, intensively travelled and slowly develop brand loyalty. Then the class of people who will start with lesser priced brands and then move up the ladder. Lastly are the majority of Indians who will wait for the end of season sale to buy luxury brands.

Men are 90% covered with clothing, therefore the clothing that they chose and wear makes a significant impact for the person. Dressing badly can create an unpleasant impression. Since you are being judged on your dressing sense, men should wear present themselves as the best package to project a credible image.

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