Cloud Based Technologies

Cloudy Weather for Small Businesses: Importance of Cloud Based Technologies

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It goes without saying that today’s companies are largely dependent on computer technology. But there is another trend that will soon become equally synonymous with the business world, whether we are discussing large corporations or the small businesses on the rise, and that is the cloud technology. One of highest ranking nominees on any rising technologies list, cloud computing is becoming increasingly important part of our jobs, with 90% of businesses utilizing this technology in one way or another. What exactly is The Cloud Almighty? In short, The Cloud is web- based facility in which you can store data or any other resources, easily accessible through remote servers. This enables your employees to access mentioned files without the need to store them on their personal computers. Let us see why this technology is so beneficial for small businesses.

Flexibility and accessibility

One of the strongest values of the cloud is the ability to access, edit and then store files from any personal computer, irrelevant of its location, as long as you have available internet connection. As opposed to storing all the important things to only one computer, which is, in today’s increasingly mobile world, very restrictive, by using cloud you can take a look on your documents from any laptop, tablet or smartphone you have available. Think of it as an online e-mail client. When you check your Gmail, you are not looking through mails that are stored on your device.

Cloud Based Technologies

Reduced costs

This is the fact that every personnel-low, data-rich company should take into consideration and it is no wonder that cloud computing is becoming immensely popular in developing countries where businesses usually struggle in the technology sector since the start-up infrastructure costs tend to be rather high. Cloud computing is adjustable to the scale of your business. Startup costs are very low and the good news is that you can pay only what you use, and if your business grows over time, you can gradually increase usage and therefore pay more. Other thing small businesses, trying to reduce costs without compromising the ability to get the job done, should pay attention to is that web-based applications are regularly maintained and updated, so there is no need to waste valuable resources by hiring more staff for additional in-house IT maintenance duties. Instead of buying expensive hardware and software you are basically spending only for the licensing.

The importance of security

Whit over 800.000 laptops lost or stolen every year, and we are talking only about the airports here, refusing to backup your data would not be called a matter of choice. Irresponsibility would be much better term. However, cloud computing makes the laptop nothing more than device through which you are accessing and editing your data. Replacing your computer is an annoying endeavor, that’s for sure, but it pales in comparison with the possibility of losing important company’s documents. Data recovery times, for businesses using cloud, are up to 4 times faster than of those which are not using this kind of service.

Cloud Based Technologies

Additional perks

Enhanced information sharing: Cloud computing enables you to bypass tiresome process of sending a large files via email, and sharing content is as easy as sending a link. For instance, without it IT outsourcing would be much harder process.

Increased collaboration: Wherever your employees are, they will be able to quickly sync their shared apps and documents, and continue the work receiving the updates in real-time. Investing in such technology can bring you up to 400% return of investment.

Reduced environmental impact: Environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important part of our lives and making your company greener can do no harm. Implementing cloud technology reduces the carbon footprint and saves you up to 30% of energy you would use with on-site servers.

Less personnel training needed: Basically, it takes lees people to do the same job and the learning curve on possible issues is fairly low. This significantly streamlines the personnel training.

Looking at the cloud based computing from this perspective it’s not that hard to understand why this trend is gaining that much attention. With the predicted annual growth in adoption by the small business enterprise being 20%, one thing is certain – clouds are here to stay. We can chose only when will we jump on the bandwagon.

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