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Different Furniture Styles You Can Mix and Match in Your Home

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The time of having only one style in your home, no matter if we are talking about retro, traditional or something modern, has passed years ago. Today it is all about boldly mixing different styles in your home, not in order to create chaotic scene which would be difficult to look at, but to show just how well you can balance different styles. The point is, you can easily keep framed photographs of Ireland, a Chinese calendar, and Turkish protection eye (Nazar) on your wall, and still have everything looking perfectly fine together; a mixture on your walls can be called stylish.

Eclectic style is a good choice

It is perfectly acceptable to mix traditional with modern, East with West, conventional with unconventional etc. These days, people call it eclectic style and take much pride in having small pieces of the world cultures in one place. An eclectically arranged home includes different furniture styles, different colours and patterns and details from many traditions around the world. This serves to illustrate how knowledge of different cultures and styles can result in amazingly decorated spaces.

Eclectic style

Colour codes should be followed

First thing you should pay attention to is carefully fitting colour ranges in each of your rooms. For instance, if your brown leather set (armchairs and sofas) fits your natural-finished furniture, it implies that the rest of the room should also be in warm colours. Otherwise, you will have the odd feeling that something is wrong and that colours do not match nicely. Things like Persian rug or creamy silk curtains are something which will always indicate that you love classic style and good quality. If you accomplish to perfectly match the colours in your room it will look like all objects belong to the same family.

Colour codes

Contrasts are desirable too

On the other hand, if you want to visually attract people’s attention, you should try combining something unexpected. Black and white combinations are always effective; however you can also try something completely different and original at the same time. Have you considered white bed with banana green bed covers for your bedroom? Another interesting thought is decorating your bedroom Japanese style – which basically means very little furniture and lot of open space. Geometry can make a big difference. Think about the room as a chance to experiment with many different shapes. Having in mind that furniture and rooms in general have a lot of angles, you could try breaking the pattern by placing spherical lamps, oval clocks etc. around.


Expect the unexpected

Many people underestimate and forget about certain rooms in their house like hallway or bathroom because they think of them as inappropriate to decorate. Nevertheless it is a common mistake which can easily be turned into advantage. Your hallway is the entrance to your home, so when people make a first step into your house it should literary wish them a warm welcome. You can decorate your walls with collages or a vintage mirror. If you are a traditionalist you can make a family tree, frame it, and put it on the standing desk next to the phone. In your bathroom you can install glass lotus flower candle holders in many different colours for romantic atmosphere. You can warm up cold tiles with a few smaller designer rugs as well.


Find inspiration in the kitchen

It may seem to you that kitchen should not be decorated because it is often all messed up and basically used for preparing food (and occasional quick meal too). This is wrong assumption, because you can turn your kitchen into a small work of art simply by combining a few different things. For example, you could paint it gray and add a few rustic wooden shelves for contrast. Or you could add interesting tin lamps for better lighting and vintage basket or two where you could place your cookbooks so they can easily be seen and reached.

If you have imagination and are brave enough to experiment with styles, mix traditional with modern and unconventional, you can easily make your home an oasis of good taste and pleasant atmosphere. Find inspiration in things you like and it will be easy to come up with clever new ideas.

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