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There are times when one wants to escape out of the netted web of daily routine life. Here is when hip and happening events play a vital role. Opening channel for venting out ways to enjoy life, the city of Bangalore brings forth amazing events to capture the likes of one and all. Myriad variation of events ensures an addictive touché which is sure to lure the audience to its side. So, explore the diverse events and make your choice to reverberate this summer.

Elephant trails by Nature Camp- Bannergatta National Park, Bangalore

Lovers of fauna will get a good chance to explore the real life elephant trails through the protected Bannergatta National Park of Bangalore. Juxtaposed with the natural life, the trail ensures an adventurous trip, which can be enjoyed with near and dear ones. Amalgamating fun, adventure and wildlife in one package, this event is all set to begin on 1st of May, 2015.


Strokes of Nature- Concorde Napa Valley, Kanakapura Main Road

Painting has a magical effect on the viewer’s leaving them awe- struck. Strokes of Nature provide an opportunity to relive the magic by organizing a National level art exhibition that has a collection of exquisite paintings which are worthwhile to watch. The event also includes a separate session for the kids as ‘On spot painting competition’ and an award function that wraps up the complete function. The art exhibition will begin from 10 am on 1st of May, 2015.

Wildlife Photography- Bangalore

For all those photo savvy people, here is a golden chance to delve in photography sessions which include capturing the natural fauna in the most subtle way. An event organized by Blu RAY partnering along with Friendz photography aims at the promotion of photography amongst the common mass. Methods and techniques will be portrayed that uphold photography to the next level. So, one of the things to do in Bangalore on 1st May, 2015 is wildlife photography that etches out an entirely different phase of creativeness

The Unseen- Jagriti Theatre, Varthur Road

A drama that carefully enunciates the true meaning of faith in an unseen world is ‘The Unseen’. Played by two characters that drastically change their attitude after meeting another prisoner who humorously manoeuvres life’s meaning of faith in this real life world, the drama entails a moral that is worth watching. The drama will be played at Jagriti Theatre on 1st of May starting at 8 pm. The event will also continue until Sunday.

Trek to Har-ki-Dun- Bangalore Mountaineering Club, Indira Nagar

The experience of trekking exemplifies when the destination is Har-ki-Dun. Situated at an altitude of about 3566 meter, the place is truly an embodiment of nature. Unfolding the beauty of Western Himalayas, the place epitomizes serene and subtle beauty.

To explore more fantastic options, you can even download mobile app so that one truly gets engaged leaving oneself relaxed and entertained.

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    Beautiful places indeed! There are so many things to explore in Bangalore.I need to know about Manali also, as I’m planning a short trip with my family. Is there any affordableHimachal tour packages for family.

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