Fuel Injector Cleaner

Fuel Injector Cleaner – Importance, Benefits and Symptoms

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When it comes to vehicle maintenance, there are a number of components which need to be inspected and serviced. One among them is a fuel injector cleaner. Irrespective of what model your car is, whether it is brand new or a used one, a regular fuel injector cleaning is mandatory. Ignoring this process can result in various problems in your vehicle. Let’s know more.

What Is Fuel Injection Cleaning?

Fuel injector is a component which is designed to discharge a fine layer of fuel which is ignited by a spark plug which in turn enables your car to run. If the fuel injector is unable to discharge a really fine layer, then it can result in decreased power in your car. A fuel injector cleaner is required because over a period of time, the fuel injection system can become clogged and affect the functioning of your vehicle. There can be several reasons for which your fuel injector can become clogged, including carbon deposits, fuel tank residue, fuel varnish, etc.

Fuel Injector Cleaner

It is important to get a fuel injection cleaning done, as ignoring it can lead to problems such as:

  • Difficulty in starting the vehicle
  • Increase in the consumption of fuel
  • Fuel smell inside and outside the vehicle
  • Oil thinning
  • Engine failure due to hydro lock
  • Emission problem

Benefits Of Fuel Injector Cleaner

There are a number of benefits of fuel injection cleaning, including the following:

  • Better Gas Mileage – Regular cleaning of the fuel injection will result in better gas mileage. By discharging the right amount of fuel, the injectors ensure that your car gets more power on less fuel.
  • Enhanced Performance – A fuel injector which is clean and unclogged will lead to better performance of your car. It means that you will not face any kind of starting trouble, better acceleration, increased speed, etc.
  • Prolonged Engine Life – When the fuel injectors are clogged and dirty, it affects the overall life of your engine. Cleaning it on a regular basis will ensure minimal wear and tear of the engine.
  • Reduction in Pollution – A clean fuel injector will indirectly result in lesser air pollution, since there would be fewer carbon deposits in the engine.
  • Increased Dependability of the Car – A clean fuel injection system will increase the dependability of your car. The regular maintenance will ensure that your car doesn’t breakdown unnecessarily, thus, saving you money in the long run.

Apart from knowing the benefits of using a fuel injector cleaner, one should also be aware of the symptoms so that necessary steps and precautions can be taken in time.

Symptoms Of Faulty And Clogged Fuel Injectors

Whether the fuel injection of your car is clogged, leaking, dirty, or faulty, you can easily get to know about it by paying attention to the below listed symptoms:

  • The performance of your vehicle decreases
  • A black exhaust or smoke from the tailpipe which in turn causes more air pollution
  • Starting trouble
  • Poor idle
  • Increase in consumption of fuel
  • Engine failure due to engine knock or detonation
  • Difficulties during different throttle loads
  • Problem in reaching full RPM

How To Clean Fuel Injectors?

Ideally, the fuel injector cleaner should be used either once in 36 months or once your vehicle runs 45,000 miles. Although there are detergent-enhanced gasolines available which can be used to clean the fuel injectors, the best course of action is to get it done by a professional car service centre. This will ensure that the injectors are thoroughly cleaned and your vehicle’s performance is enhanced.

Investing in a fuel injector cleaner is a good practice. It does not only prolong the fuel injection component’s life, but also increase the car engine’s life. So, if you still haven’t done so, then it is best to get a fuel injection cleaning done as soon as possible.

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