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How Smart Could Your Home Be?

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In the past year alone, the development of smart home tech and the Internet of Things (IoT) has advanced rapidly. There’s no longer just one choice for the different tech options to keep you connected to your home. And, different firms have developed their own versions of home assistants, video doorbells and digital temperature control systems.

With the rapid advancement in the digitisation of so many processes, as well as the ability to monitor and alter different details from your phone, comes a large number of options and choices for households across the UK.

“Smart home devices can help make your home more secure, more energy efficient and easier to maintain if you’re a busy person who’s out and about a lot, or who’s plans are often subject to change,” said central London estate agent, LDG. “But, just as with any other decision over bringing something new into your home, you should consider whether it’s the right thing for you before investing, rather than just hopping onto the latest trend simply because its available.”

Video doorbell

This is something that can help you feel safer and also converse with delivery people who are dropping off something important.

Video doorbells like those available from Ring and SkyBell mean you will always know when a delivery has been attempted or made and can personally direct the delivery person where to leave your parcel if you’re out.

Another benefit is that you can screen who’s come around to call and choose whether or not to answer the door. If it’s an unsolicited sales call, for instance, you can just request, over video, for them to leave, rather than face them.

Garden sprinkler systems

This is a great option for keen gardeners who also like to holiday or are just often really busy. You can set a timer on your garden sprinkler so its only comes on when you want it to and switches off after a set time. That means you’ll never overwater your garden again!

smart home

It also means that when unexpected rain hits, you can easily change the schedule and miss a day or two, or water for less time.

“The ability to manage your garden from afar is something that could work well for a lot of households,” said Assetgrove. “Even if one part of a couple is at home, they just might not have the time to see to the garden on top of everything else, so a smart irrigation system gives everyone peace of mind that an important but sometime overlooked job, is still being done properly.”

Lighting and heating

Being able to set the lights to come on and then off at set times when you’re out and about, is a great comfort to many home owners. Likewise, monitoring the temperature of your home, particularly in extreme weather conditions, is also a useful and sometimes important ability to have.

Smart home devices have been making this possible for some time and now there are a growing number of excellent options.

Indeed, many firms were set up for one of the above smart home functions but are now able to provide both. That shows that many tech businesses, whatever their size, have been considering the possibility of scaling up their smart home tech, from their infancy.

Smart home hubs

A home assistant that allows you to manage your home from a central location is a great idea that can work well for every kind of household, from busy ones to those on a calmer setting.

You can opt for a simpler version or an all-singing and dancing hub that controls a variety of smart home devices you’ve had installed. And, let’s not forget that what you can do from your home hub, you can also do through your mobile.

“A home hub assistant is something that many households get great use out of, or just enjoy having in the home,” said You Choose Windows. “With a growing number of options, they don’t have to be too expensive and if you just want a system that does the basics, that’s fine – provided you know what you’re getting and don’t think you’ll want more a month or two later.”

Of course, a smart home isn’t for everyone. But, with the options for your smart home growing all the time, its likely even more households will find a function or two they really want to try out.

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