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How to Get Away with Eclectic Style in the Living Room

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Eclectic style is one of the most unique and most creative style mixtures that you can choose for your living space and it allows you to combine ordinary strict styles in a way that you would not necessary think possible. While this particular approach leaves a lot of room for creativity and combinations, it does come with certain limits and tricks that can be easy to miss if you don’t pay attention. Creating a perfect eclectic style combination in your living room is, therefore, somewhat complex and here are some tips and ideas that can help you out in creating the perfect living room setting in eclectic style.

# Mixing the Styles

One of the greatest things about eclectic style is that it does not require a uniform approach to the overall setting and it allows you to combine different furniture elements from different styles. All this means that you can essentially create just the look that you really like. With all this said, there are some common mistakes that become self-evident only when you finish all the work. Certain style elements can easily overshadow others and become too dominant. This creates an illusion of having your living room essentially split into two. Postmodern and modern furniture is the common culprit in this. Things like glass tables and leather sofas can quickly cloud the entire room. Make sure that your living room is not overly covered with one specific type of furniture and accessories so much as to drown out all other elements in your living room.

# Things That Work Well

There are certain styles that simply don’t mix all that well and the elements from those will not generally work with specific themes. This does not mean that it’s not possible to, for example, mix modern furniture with baroque but it will become very hard to add other items into the mixture. As a rule, modern and postmodern elements are best kept as a background and can serve as a great addition in the fixture and lighting section of your living room. Giving it a pivotal role in the center of your living room is often a difficult act to follow with other elements from other styles. Baroque and Venetian furniture in general, can work well as background elements for things like closets, shelves and similar places that can take over entire walls, and still give your living room some space to breathe, creatively speaking. Baroque and similar luxurious classical styles mix well with more relaxed, southern or southern French styles. Modern and postmodern design work well with Americana style from the 50’ and 60’s. You can make any sort of mix work but the key to any good eclectic style living room is to let the uniqueness of every element come out and still maintain the harmony of your living room as one compact area.

Eclectic Style Living Room

# Tones

Color tones are one of the most important things in eclectic style and they can effectively decide the success of your living room. The massive differences in neutral, dark and warm tones can present your living room in completely different manner. Carefully introducing the different lighting and different furniture tones as well as combining them with wall colors is really one of the most important things that you can achieve. The main idea is not to go over the top if the balance is already a bit stretched with the design of furniture, as it is.

Eclectic Style Living Room

# Floors

While floors may not look like a particularly important part of your room, they can influence the appearance of the room to a great extent. Adding neutral tone floor rugs to modern styles can greatly enforce the overall look. In the same manner, warm and friendlier tones can really make classical elements a lot more visible and domineering. Be aware of the floor look as you move your furniture around as it can really shape the living room look on its own, and this is especially true with wooden floors.

Above everything else, eclectic style of living rooms should be viewed as an opportunity to show off your creativity and avoid some of the confines that most other styles bring with them. It allows you to mix different elements and create fantastic living room looks without spending a lot of money. All this means that you really should take your time in planning and creating the living room that you will really enjoy.

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