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How to level object on the wall the easy way

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Decorating your home is a pleasant process which, however, can turn into something complicate in case you don’t know how to pick out and arrange the elements. Buying beautiful pictures, decorative wall mirrors and other objects is easy. The hard part is to find the ideal place for each one of those objects and arrange them in a way which is suitable for the design of the room. In case you’ve never done this before and you are worried whether you will be able to level all objects on the walls correctly, you can find some useful tips in this article that will make the work easier.

This is the moment to remind you of something that might seem insignificant but which is important for the good looks of your property. Whether you purchase new objects for the decoration of your home or you decide to use old ones, I advise you to clean them carefully first. It is better to do it in advance because once you hang them on the wall it will be more difficult to remove the dust. For the wooden frames of the pictures you can use special sprays to polish them. Any big or small decorative mirrors can be cleaned with products which are specially designed to remove spots and fingerprints from glass and other similar surfaces. It is better to take care of the cleaning earlier or hire a company like City Cleaners Maida Vale to do that for you, so that you don’t have to worry about it later.

In case you want everything in your home to be in perfect order, you have to make sure that all pictures, mirrors and other decorative elements you hang on the walls are well placed. It’s easier, of course, to call professionals who will save you the troubles, but there is also a way to learn do it by yourself. This is how you can easily level pictures and other similar objects on any wall:

  • Pick the right place – Choosing just the right place for a picture or another decorative element is not always easy. You have to consider the lighting in the room, the place of the other pictures, as well as the effect that you want to achieve. Once you pick a place, you have to be sure that this is the right one because you will have to put holes in the wall later. The current design of the room is also important, so when you pick a specific object for decorating you have to be certain that it will fit into the design of the room.
  • Measure the space between the hooks of the picture – Most pictures come with hooks on their back side for hanging which will also make the levelling on the wall easier for you. The first step of the process will be to measure the distance between the two hooks. In case there is only one hook on the back of the picture, you can use another method for hanging. For instance, you can mark the ends of the picture on the wall with a pencil and measure with a level before hanging.
  • Mark the places for the nails on the wall – To measure the distance between the two hooks of the picture or another object, you can use a masking tape. Just mark the exact place of the hooks on the tape and then put it on the wall. Before you press the tape, however, measure with a level.
  • Use a hammer to put the nails – The final step is to put the nails. You have to consider the heaviness of the picture or the other object that you want to hang. This way you will know what kind of nails you will need. They have to be strong enough to sustain the weight. In case you decide to move the object in the future you can stick the piece of masking tape to its back, so that you don’t have to do the measuring again.

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