Throw The Best Party Ever
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How To Throw The Best Party Ever

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Did you ever wonder how to get the favor of the gods of wine and festivals? Do you enjoy entertaining people and wanted to make something more of yourself as a party planner? And why not? Celebrating life and all its milestones deserve events worthy of remembrance. On the other hand, throwing parties may be a noble purpose, but it also requires patience, diligence and rolling up your sleeves during the process. There are countless options, themes, types of parties you can organize, so it’s best to be thoroughly prepared, make smart choices and simply make it happen. Just take some facts into consideration and the results and rewards will be gratifying!

# Location

Location, location, location… You’ve probably heard this word being repeated many times before and it’s obvious why. It all begins with it! First and foremost, you need to find yourself a decent space where the party will be held, where you can envelop all the other details around it. Location is the basis of any event, so make sure it suits your planning ambitions in terms of capacity, size, adaptability and rentability.

# Time

Once you deal with location, the next thing that should cross your mind is the date of the event, of course. I know it’s simply put, a deadline for organizers and even though we all might dislike that kind of pressure, having that feeling of obligatory walls closing in on us because there is still so much stuff to do, look at it as a motivation to finish what you started in the first place. Give yourself enough time to organize things properly and for guests to plan ahead. And remember, start dealing with the big things at the beginning, because everything else will be a breeze. Do not be lazy and wait until the last minute!

Throw The Best Party Ever

# Write everything down

It’s impossible to remember every single detail of your party by heart, so it’s best to write everything down, just in case something slips out your memory. This is more of an advice than an actual guideline of planning, but it’s incredible how a pen and paper, mobile phone, or a computer can relieve you of your frustration and spontaneous forgetfulness. Keep everything intact, focus and stay the course until you accomplish your goal.

# Theme

Here comes the fun part! This is where creativity and innovation distinguishes great parties from the average ones. Choosing a theme is like choosing colors for painting on a canvas. Spruce up the whole event, decorate the ambient, come up with adequate music, dress-code, try to make something that people rarely have a chance (or demand) to experience. Bring them closer to a certain culture, to a certain era, way of life, fashion, style, philosophy, etc. You can make a Hollywood themed party, disco, the 60’s/70’s/80’s – any decade of the past century, ancient Rome, casino, underground rave, Vikings, carnival… The options are limitless, it’s up to you to make it unique.

Throw The Best Party Ever

# Food and beverage

The fastest way to any heart is through the belly. Make sure you arrange a decent catering, adapt the food and drinks to your theme (i.e. Polynesian food for those surf-beach parties) and plan in advance what company, or capable friends and family with help you with producing and supplying the whole event. Also, if you’re celebrating a birthday, or some other milestone in life, like a successful business deal, or marriage, make sure there is champagne to perpetuate such highlights.

# Have fun

One final piece of advice – try to have fun! I know it’s difficult to throw a party, to plan an event, let alone a huge ceremony, but what makes it all worthwhile is a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. Not everyone has the gift to organize people together with one common purpose, so consider this to be a virtuous pursuit. Always remember that.

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