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Important facts you need to know about Security Doors

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Almost all home owners install security doors. As compared to the conventional doors that were made of wood, security doors are generally made of materials such as iron and steel. These doors offer enhanced security as they are sturdy and heavy making it difficult to push them open. These fire-proof doors offer further protection from intrusion with their metal screen attached exterior.

So, how do you choose the exact type of security door you want for your home? Here are a few choices you can consider.

Aluminum security door

  • Many home owners choose aluminum doors over steel doors as they are corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free.
  • If you are installing an aluminum door, it is recommended to put in an additional coat of powder coating
  • Before purchasing an aluminum door, ensure that it is made from tempered or heat-strengthened aluminum.

Stainless Steel Security Doors

  • If you have decided on installing the stainless steel door, it is important to ensure that they meet all corrosion-protection standards.
  • If you live on the coast, it is necessary to get a powder-coated, hot-dip galvanized steel door to prevent rusting.
  • It is also necessary to use soap water and wash the door regularly to remove salt build-up.

Choose the right attachments

  • Apart from choosing the right type of door suited to your needs, it is also important to give attention to the attachments.
  • Some installers may recommend clamping the mesh with stainless steel screws and some others may claim that plastic clamps, being corrosion-resistant are ideal. Take time in choosing the right type of screws by researching your options to reduce issues with longevity.
  • The type of mesh is another aspect to consider as you install security doors. Some manufacturers recommend using the stronger 304-grade mesh while some others use the corrosion-resistant 316 marine-grade mesh, especially for homes in salty environments. You can choose either of them provided they meet the required quality standards.

Choosing the right Security Door

Security Doors Yan Yean

  • Before you call in the installer, it is imperative to first determine the exact location where you want the door to be installed. Most homeowners install these doors in the main entrance. Some people prefer putting a security door in the particular room where they have valuables stored for extra reinforcement.
  • Before shopping for the security door, measure the exact size of the door frame. Use a measuring tape for this purpose and measure accurately to avoid any issues with size during installation.
  • Budget is a major factor for most of us. Before you go shopping for security doors, determine the amount of money you wish to spend on one. When you do a comparison, it will be easy for you to decide on the type of door you want to buy.
  • As you browse the market, you will find a plethora of different types of doors available. It therefore becomes important to decide on the type of door you wish to buy. Research your options thoroughly. Decide whether you want to go for the doors with attached security screens or the double doors.
  • Different materials are used to make these doors. Depending on your preference and budget, you can choose from the lightweight fiberglass or wood, or from the heavier iron doors. If you can stretch your budget, you can choose the aesthetically appealing bronze doors too.
  • Identify a few specialty shops in your area selling security doors and visit a few of them before deciding on the particular retailer.
  • Based on the specific type of door you are looking for compare the prices including delivery charges and extra modification charges before you buy.

Once you care of these aspects, it is time to buy the door. You can either install it yourself by following the simple installation procedure to save money or take the help of professional installers.

Hope you like above mentioned information about Security Doors Yan Yean!! Do you want to know more? Let’s have a look for more useful information.

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