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Know the Several Benefits Of A Sliding Door and Install One In Your Place!

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Doors are an integral part of the house as the entrance gives an idea of how the interior is going to be. Door can be traditional normal door, accordion door, bi-fold doors, sliding doors, etc. Based on the architecture and need of the owner a door can be designed. A sliding door fits to every look of the house, whether it is urban, ultra modern or vintage this door goes with each one of them.

Must Know Horizontal Sliding Doors

A sliding door opens horizontally sliding on a track. Generally they are preferred to be closet doors, shower doors or screen doors but it is also an option for an entrance. Romans were the one to have introduced this. They were used in houses from the early first century. As the door slides and opens horizontally, they work on sliding gears. The sliding gears can be placed on the top or bottom. Generally top hung gear is used in most of this kind of doors. Trolley hangers are used to hang the doors and there is a parallel concealed track on which the door is dragged. The weight is put on the hangers and those keep the door stiff, straight and run smooth.

The Mechanism of Sliding Doors:

Know the Various Benefits Of A Sliding Door and Install One In Your Place!

  1. To absorb any accidental impact due to slamming of door, track stopper is placed on each end of the door. These stoppers also keep the door in either open or closed position.
  2. If a top hung gear is used to slide the door, it may happen that it moves sideways while sliding. In order to avoid such situation an additional support is given at the bottom.
  3. At the bottom of the door a groove is cut so that the doors run over the guide placed there avoiding any lateral movement if possible. This mechanism is safe and the door can run smoothly on the tracks.
  4. The rollers are provided with an additional safety lock which does not allow the door to jump out of the track.
  5. For any additional smooth movement, dampeners and soft closers can be used which enhance the usability of the product. The design of the sliding doors can be made simple as well as sophisticated as required by the user.
The Mechanism of Weight-bearing by the Sliding Doors:

Know the Various Benefits Of A Sliding Door and Install One In Your Place!

  • When the weight of the door is more, it is difficult for the top hung hangers to take load of all the weight. In that case the bottom rolling gear doors should be built. In this mechanism two guides are placed on the top and two rollers at the bottom.
  • The guide at the top moves on a guided channel and the rollers at the bottom move on the track. The two wheels at the bottom take the load of the total weight of the doors. So to slide open this kind of door a greater force is required. If the door is designed in a further more sophisticated design, motors and advanced activated designed are used to slide it.
  • These kinds of sliding doors are preferred by hotels, apartments, offices, condominiums, etc. They give larger view, and access to larger space; they enhance the incoming of the natural light or fresh air.
  • When these doors are used in the interior of room, balcony, garden, backyard, patio or swimming pool area they add to the beauty of the living area. If this door is made of glass, the room can be sound proof but it can still give a clear view from outside.
  • So, they are preferred in automobile sales area or personal cabins. Thus sliding doors give access to the area as well as enhance its look. The entrance of your house can be secured by placing a portable security bar from inside, so that if the door is closed then no one trying to open it would succeed.

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