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Spring is not just the astronomical position of our beautiful green planet in the solar system, and neither is it about timekeeping. It is a state of mind. The pleasant feeling we have when we are in touch with the spirit of spring. Often, all that it takes for one to feel spring all around them, is to see something that reminds them of waking nature.

Steps can be taken in order to experience springtime freshness at all times. One of these steps is slightly more fun than others, and of course, it is the springtime redecoration your living room, a home keeper’s welcome for the new season. There are many ways to do let some freshness into your house, and living room, and the aesthetic still remains your choice.

Introduce the colors of spring

The first thing that comes to mind, when thinking about spring, is the change in hue, in comparison to the blue and pale winter. The colors change from cold and metallic to vivid and lively. There are two common ways to let a pop of color into your life (and living room). The first is to use warm and bold spring colors such as bright green or dandelion yellow in order to create a strong contrast to the greyness that comes with winter.

Replace your heavy, dark furniture (the couch on which you keep some warm knits in order to battle the cold temperatures, for instance) with bright, white tables and chairs. White opens the space up a bit, and gives off the impression of an airier room. Enrich your living room with a vivid, bright wallpaper – they are easy to put up and take down, and a much easier solution to decorating the walls seasonally than, say, painting the walls. However, stay away from loud prints, or bright colors. Busy, loud prints take up a lot of visual space, and they are a poor fit for minimal decorating. Having a pastel print, is a much better choice, cleaner, simpler and easier upon the eyes.


Of course, the colors of spring in the great outdoors heavily rely on the freshly blossomed plants. Having fake plants (2D or 3D) to emulate spring is a poor way to represent the season. There is nothing fresh and whimsical about plant stickers (if I had to pick a season that works best with plastic decoration, it is, oddly enough, summer). But what better way to bring the awakening of nature into your living room than by decorating with fresh flowers. Marketplaces will be bustling with local picks, but if you are trying to maintain a color scheme in your décor, then you will have to try harder. Try browsing online stores for fresh flowers – they have a much wider selection, simply because they work with florists and greenhouses around the country, rather than a single backyard.

Rearrange the living room to match your mood

The ancient Chinese knew of the hidden, deeply spiritual, connection between inanimate objects and living things. They believed that every single object had a spirit and attracted and repelled living energies accordingly. This ancient art of organizing one’s living space is called feng shui, and it is as alive today as it was a thousand years ago. Modern psychology confirms that there is a connection between our surroundings and our current mood.

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With this in mind, do not be afraid to experiment with reorganizing your living space. Move around some furniture, aim for easier accessibility, a clearer path, better visuals and airflow without obstacles. Experiment with different angles of furniture, and do not be afraid to employ all your imagination in order to create a true spring living room of your dreams.

Give your living room some breathing room, and enjoy the new season. Although it might seem like a lot of effort to some, thematic remodeling is usually very fun, so long as you don’t think of it as an obligation – rather, consider it a personal project. Something to project your inner creative forces into may be just the thing you need in order to make a fresh start.

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