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All you Need to Know about Ruplee App

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Smartphones with utility apps when coupled with internet connectivity enables you to reach out to the conveniences of the world just by tapping on the screen. It is aptly said that the Internet has made geography a history and now smartphones are making things even slimmer. Whether, you want to reach to an amazing restaurant or you want to pay for your dining without involving cash or card; there is an app for all your needs. However, for lots of regular day to day requirements there are several apps from which you can choose but if you want to enjoy the convenience of paying your dining bills without involving cash or card then you have Ruplee App.

What Is Ruplee and how it works

It is an app that can be used at clubs, restaurants, dining avenues that have partnered with Ruplee. You can easily find out the list of participating avenues at the App’s Restaurant list. Whenever you are at an avenue that has collaborated with Ruplee for mobile payment service; all you need is to logon to your app, dine as you wish and ask for the bills over your Smartphone. After you receive the bill, you can pay it using the app. However, before you pay the bills for the first time, you do require to key in your card details in the app settings. For subsequent transactions, you just need to key in your CVV and 3D Secure code for payment authentication.

Which Smartphones are compatible to Ruplee

At present, this app supports only Android based smartphones and soon will be available for iOS. On Google Play, you can download the Ruplee App 2.0, which has been updated on 11th of October 2014. As per the latest information as on Google Play, this app supports smartphones with Android 1.6 and upward versions. This app is of 9.3 MB and therefore your smartphone should have at least 10-12 MB free space to get the app and install it.

Is this App Secure

Mobile apps have access to a lot of your personal data making you vulnerable and therefore it is wise to enquire about security issues with any app, before you actually install and use it. But with Ruplee, there are no glitches and since it has been designed by security experts and uses an Indian payment gateway, which strictly follows latest RBI guidelines, it certainly puts to rest your concerns related to security.

Benefits of using Ruplee

You do not require to handover your card to be swiped away from your view; rather Ruplee app ensure that you do not even have to use the card to pay tour dining bills. This is obviously a huge benefit, but wait there are some more exciting benefits of this app. As a worth mentioning benefit, Ruplee allows you to split your bill amongst as many people as you want and also lets you divide the bill in part cash and part through Ruplee. Further, using Ruplee gets you a free drink every time you use it and also gets you discounts on your next meal.

Ruplee App

What more should I know about Ruplee

This app is undoubtedly an exciting cool way to pay your dining bills. It minimizes hassles related to making payments and also saves you from vulnerabilities that arise when you handover your credit/debit card to be swiped away from your sight. Moreover, Ruplee is roping in more and more amazing dining and clubbing avenues, ensuring you can use this app a lot more frequently. Further, it also enables you to view your previous transactions and keep a tab of your spending. To explore more and enjoy its benefits, it is now, when you should go Ruplee.

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