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Roller Shutters and Their Varied Uses

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If you are one of those who is concerned about the issue of security, then you must be aware that there is no single mechanism, person or organisation that can help you attain 100% security for your home and workplace. What can be done is making use of multiple options to make the scores higher. One such greatly useful scheme is the roller shutter. Installed on doors and windows at homes, stores and offices, roller shutters are mechanism which run either on electricity or manually, consisting of sever bars or plats installed in a frame which is attached to the door or window of choice.

Roller Shutters

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider installing window and door roller shutters:

  • Security– The first and foremost use of roller shutters is undoubtedly added security. Initially controlled only by manual means, shutters nowadays run on electricity and some even on battery. They can be controlled by remote while the manual ones are also available. Their complex functioning and durable nature make them difficult to be opened or damaged from outside, meaning almost non-existent chances of intruders entering your premises.
  • Privacy– You can have a party at your place and not want the world to know about it. You can be counting the cash collection of the week at your store and obviously not want others to know the profits you have earned. There is no better option for protecting your privacy than roller shutters for windows and doors. Neither will your neighbours get to hear the loud music during your band’s practice, nor will anyone get to see you and your partner snuggling up while watching your favourite movie.
  • Power Saving– Roller shutters, especially the manual ones (since they do not need electric power) help reduce you’re heating and cooling bills. They keep the room temperature to a balanced level, not allowing excess heat or cool to enter, thus keeping it comfortable.
  • Protection– Apart from protection from thugs and intruders, roller shutters will also protect your house from extreme weather conditions, such as hailstorms and heavy rainfall. If you live in an area where such instances are common, you will remember times when in spite of shutting the window tight, you find rainwater splattered on your belongings and floor. Window and door roller shutters help you keep rainwater, hail at bay. Twigs and dust also accumulate less. Some roller shutters can also be tuned with the fire alarm in your house or store and thus automatically shutting down when the alarm gets ticked off.
  • Decoration– If you fancy a classy looking house or workplace, then roller shutters are great options. Now available in fibre glass too, they add an edge to your rooms, speaking of your heightened sense of taste and your seriousness about protecting the premises without sacrificing on the looks.

Parts and Functioning of Roller Shutters

A roller shutter consists of the following parts and each performs crucial functions:

  • Lath which can be made of aluminium, steel or PVC extrusion and can be meant for a single wall or more than one.
  • Roller Tube which is supported by an end plate on both sides.
  • Shutter Spring consisting of both the flat spring and the spring wire.
  • Shutter Box which protects the roller assembly.
  • Guide Track which holds the shutter curtain.
  • Bottom Lath which are also made of aluminium, steel or PVC extrusion.
  • Lock which keeps the shutter in place.

Most stores and large offices these days have stuck to roller shutters for added security. More and more homes are using them too.

This blog is intended to provide you useful information about Roller Shutters and their uses. If you are looking for more details then Visit here and get some more information.

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