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Significance of Scaffold in Construction

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The use of scaffold has been there in construction jobs from very early times. It is one of the most important construction tools and has been so throughout. The basic use of a scaffold as a sturdy support system for labors and construction workers are generally seen, but they also support heavy construction materials and luggage in case of loading and unloading of bulk materials.

scaffold melbourne

Safety through the scaffold:

Ensuring safety during a construction process is a primary idea behind creating a scaffold.

  • A Scaffold has four anchor points and sometimes more than that. Scaffolding provides a strong platform where a worker can sit, stand and work in any position he wishes to. It is due to scaffolding that it can be assured that workers can have a level surface to walk.
  • This helps in reducing the risks associated with falling and hurting themselves or even the people in the area nearby. Scaffolding can be made of aluminum which is a very sturdy material which guarantees safety all the more.
  • Scaffolding provides a steady and safe location for workers in construction to work at huge heights. Workers can easily maintain their balance on this kind of a flat platform. Thus the risks of having accident become very less and the workers feel safe working. Since they do not have to compromise on their safety, they can put full concentration on their work and thus the job is done with perfection. At times scaffolding also has a handrail system which of course acts as an additional support.

How does scaffolding ensure a balanced position?

Another great benefit that scaffolding offers is position that the workers are put in. Ladders can help to reach position and height, but these can make the platform very unstable. Ladders are not good enough for workers to balance in the right way. Adders are often angled and also lack a solid platform where a worker can balance on. But when it comes to scaffold, the workers can be put wherever required without worrying about their safety. They can easily go up to awkward angles and go in front of the places they exactly need. Wider surface becomes available to a worker with scaffolding and hence, with scaffolding, many workers can work together on a site as per requirement. Had it been a ladder, not even two workers could work together side by side.

  • Access is another benefit that scaffolding would give you. Workers can get access to the otherwise impossible places which seem t be immensely difficult and scary. The areas which are apparently extremely hard to reach can easily be brought within reach only with the help of scaffold. When workers can access such areas, it becomes easy for them to do their job without any hassle.
  • With scaffolding, it is possible to reach above the length of an arm. Thus it becomes easy to work on ceilings or higher walls. Scaffolding, in the forms of a fiberglass or a light metal or a wooden platform on top of a network of support can be immensely useful and helpful to reach any height. It brings everything within control and thus a job can be done by a worker with ease and comfort without worrying about safety.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog and get all the necessary information about scaffolding! Let’s go to the details to get few more additional information.


  1. Rituraj December 16, 2017 at 5:29 pm -  Reply

    Nice & informative post on scaffold in construction work. I am in this business and wants to know more about the safety precaution that needs to take while using scaffold in cement plastering work. Please share.

    • blogadmin December 16, 2017 at 5:33 pm -  Reply

      Thanks for the kind words. Sure, I will try to post a new one soon.

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