Signs You Need to Go For Car Alternator Replacement

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The functionality of your car depends on a lot of things. You see, if one thing is out of place, everything else stops working or starts to give your problems. However, if you know what signs to look for and how to get those problems fixed, you will never have a problem with your car. For a properly functioning car, we have car alternator. The function of this is to charge the battery and supply additional electric power to the electrical system in your vehicle.  In case there is a problem, then you should observe certain sign of damage, once you notice the signs of failure of the alternator, you need to go for a car alternator replacement.

Signs that you need to go for car alternator replacement

If you, too, are confused about that, then here is what you need to keep an eye out:

  • Dim Lights– This is one of the first signs of damaged alternators. You would see that the lights of the car’s are dimming during the night making it difficult for you to drive. However, if you increase the RPM of your car, and see the headlights growing brighter than it is a sure sign of a failing alternator.
  • Service engine light– Another easy way of knowing if you require a car alternator replacement or not is to keep an eye out on the lights your car keeps showing you. Usually, when something is about to go wrong with the car, the car shows you many signs. If the issue with your car’s alternator is rising or there is something that is not right, your car will start showing you the battery icon on the car. Depending on your car’s model, you may even see ‘Check engine” flashing on.
  • Electrical issues-Alternators in a car provide a source of energy and electricity to your car. However, if there is an issue with your alternator, you may find that various electrical connections in your car start giving up. Electricity powered windows and other things may not work as they usually do. You may see that these are slow to respond or do not work at all. So, if your car is not working as it should, you should take it to the mechanic to be fixed. Although this does not directly mean that you may need to get a car alternator replacement, it could point to some crucial problems.
  • Engine stalling– Yet another sign that you may require to get your car alternator replacement is engine stalling. Sure enough, their many things that can happen, but when your engine just dies or shuts off in the middle of a drive, then that could directly point to your car’s failing alternator. This happens because electricity cannot be supplied to your engine and cannot work. Find a mechanic and let them take a look under the hood to know if you need a car alternator replacement.
  • Odd noises– Another symptom of damage is some off noise coming from the car. This could be probably because of the over-stretching of the serpentine belt. This belt spins the alternator pulley and if there is damage in this belt it can lead to a strange noise, so you must get it checked.
  • Dead Battery– Most of the times car owners feel that a dead car battery is a culprit for low electricity supply in your car. They may pop the hood and see a drained battery. However, if there is a problem with your alternator. The thing is, when the alternator is faulty, your car may use up all of the battery’s capacity, thereby leaving it drained. Replacing the battery without checking the alternator would lead to a repeat of the same thing. Before you replace a battery, make sure that you get an opinion on your car’s alternator and its functionality.

How to Make Your Alternator Last Longer?

Well, with regular care and upkeep, you would be able to keep the alternator functioning for long. One of the common reasons for the failure of the alternator is water splashing. If the car’s engine is unshielded, the water may penetrate into it and case damage to the alternator. So, the best way out is to shield the engine and keep the engine dry.

Being a mechanical part, if the car’s alternator is still posing a problem, then you need to take your car to a mechanic will let you know if you need a car alternator replacement or not. Whenever you see something strange or different happening, chances are there is a problem with your car. Ensure that you find a good mechanic to take care of the car and its alternator.

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