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Smart Business Practices – Health & Safety

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When you as a business owner check out various websites and blogs that provide advice on how to run a business, you mostly encounter articles and advice on how to increase the profits, how to promote your business and so on. They very rarely talk about something that is actually very important for business success and that is the health and safety of your staff. Staff that is safe and healthy will be happier, which will in turn increase their productivity.

Safety of your Staff

When the safety of your staff is considered, it should be pointed out that not all jobs involve the same risks. For instance, someone who works in an office is much less likely to get injured on job than someone who works in a warehouse or a manufacturing plant of some kind. It is generally considered that people who spend a lot of time in traffic as part of their job are at most risk in the workplace. Of course, we are not counting the particularly dangerous occupations such as miners, altitude construction workers and law enforcement employees.

Let’s imagine that you run a business that has a warehouse as part of its operations. The first thing you will need to ensure is that all of the member of the warehouse staff have proper training. This means that you should also provide them additional training in case you start using new equipment. For example, if you hire forklifts when you need them, the person who will be operating them needs to be trained for this. They should also have proper safety equipment that would include everything that was stipulated in the regulations for warehouse operations.

Smart Business Practices

In case you own a business which involves transportation and deliveries of any kind, you need to do everything you can to guarantee safety of your employees. For one, the vehicles that they operate need to be regularly serviced and checked. Their schedules should always be made with regular breaks in mind. These breaks will ensure your drivers are rested and alert at all times.

No matter what kind of a business it is you are running, it is absolutely essential that you adhere to all the laws and regulations that govern workplace safety. And then some.

Healthy practices for the workplace

Healthy practices for the workplace that you run will have less to do with the nature of the work. There is plenty you can do for every workplace, be it an office or a shipping company or a restaurant of some kind. Keeping the workplace healthy is a common sense thing and with a little bit of effort, you will truly be able to do great things for your employees.

For the purposes of illustrating the healthy practices, we will imagine that you run an office of some kind where people work at their computers and perhaps make phone calls. Imagine an office like the one from TV show The Office.

Smart Business Practices

First of all, you will want to spend some money on ergonomic furniture for your staff. This type of furniture will ensure that your staff is getting all the support they need and that it will not cause discomfort or pains, even after longer periods of time. Of course, you will also want to provide regular breaks for your staff during which they can stretch out and rest their eyes, which is crucial in office environment.

There are some other practices that you need to include if you want to offer the healthiest work environment to your employees. For example, you should try and get as much natural light as you can. Also, you should make sure your ventilation system is working perfectly and you should always offer your employees the option of eating healthy if you have vending machines in the workplace, as well as promote healthy snacks in the office.

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