Crane Maintenance
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Some Important Tips on Crane Maintenance During Winter

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Cranes are used all year round for extensive heavy lifting of types of machinery and cargos. As a result, crane maintenance is important from time to time. Especially, in winter months. In the harsh cold weather conditions, some special maintenance tips are required to keep them in top notch condition. Cranes should be well maintained so that they can effectively use whenever needed.

Crane Maintenance

Crane Maintenance

Even in normal conditions, every machine requires checking of its different parts every now and them. Cranes are used in a lot of work. In the case of the heavy lifting of cargos, cranes act as a great machine for saving time and doing the work efficiently. Construction companies and rescue operations deal with cranes for a lot of purposes. That is why proper crane maintenance is so important. A few tips and the machine would be in perfect working condition all year round.

What are the important things to remember for the smooth working of a crane during winter?

As the winter months approach, company owners start taking extra precaution to keep their machines in good working conditions. The cold weather can cause some serious difficulties for the machines. Some of the major crane maintenance tips during winter are:

  • Close inspection of fuel and lubrication is the key to keeping the machine’s engine in great condition. It is always best to use a good quality fuel. Greasing each part of the crane properly is one of the most important parts. Also, the fuel tank vent should be cleaned to make sure that it is always working as required. Sometimes, dirt or water accumulation in the fuel causes system failures during the winter season. Again, there should not be any case of contaminated air. Inspection of filtration system is important too.
  • During winter months, it is a good idea to let the machine heat up before working. Keeping the engine on till it reaches an optimum temperature is good for smooth running of the machine. Also, it might be better to work in daylight as much as possible during the winter days.
  • The cooling system in the machines should be checked as coolant not only prevents the system from freezing but also helps in other ways. It elevates the temperature of boiling point, stops corrosion and also helps in the lubrication of shaft seals.
  • Batteries need to be checked for satisfactory performance of the machines. The battery electrolyte should not dry up and the batteries should be kept clean from any debris. Moreover, the terminal cables should be securely connected to consistent supply of current to the machine.
  • Tires should be checked in the winters regularly. Proper inflation of the tires and replacing them in the case of damage should be taken care of.
  • The pumps and pistons of a crane should be regularly inspected for any kind of leaks. Any damaged part should be replaced or repaired before it causes some major problems.

All in all, a few tips are all that is required to maintain a crane even in the harsh cold weather. It is only a small price to pay when proper and efficient work is needed.

What are some of the uses of cranes? 

Crane Maintenance

Crane Maintenance

Cranes are basically a type of heavy lifting machinery. But there are different types of cranes for different purposes. We have the Tower Crane, vehicle Mounted Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, Crawler Crane and Aerial crane. Each has some specific purpose of work.

Cranes are used for the construction of buildings, transporting heavy equipment from place to another, lifting off huge debris in case of accidents and for many other purposes. Proper maintenance of cranes is always essential for smooth running of the machine.

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