Tech-Novelties for Smooth and Stress-Free Mornings

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Everyday routines are so often a pain in the neck, but they keep us going. Thanks to a strict and precise schedule people manage to meet their deadlines and do their tasks. It is not pretentious to say that routines keep the world making progress. The most important part of those daily actions is their beginning – the morning. If your morning starts well, you will have a more productive day. That is why some ingenious people have devised a couple of gadgets that make getting up in the morning a child’s play.


Pleasure from a warm morning

Mornings are probably most pleasant in the late spring period, because morning temperatures in that time of the year are closest to what suits people best. But how to reach the same comfort of early-morning wakeups in November or February? The inventors from Nest seem to have the answer to that intriguing question. They have made a wonderful smart thermostat (we could christen it the smartostat) that can adjust the temperature of your home to your preferable level of warmth. This Nest thermostat (let’s wait for smartostat to gain acceptance) actually memorizes the temperatures(s) that you choose over the first couple of days of using it and then simply uses its automatism to set the temperature on its own. What is more, this device is easily controlled from your tablet, laptop or phone, since it has Wi-Fi connection. It’s an ultimate morning must-have.

Don’t waste time on finding things

One of the most important features of a smooth early rise is not wasting the precious morning time on finding your car or apartment keys, or even a wallet. Since your body needs some time to start functioning in the awake-mode, you need assistance in taking all the necessary items with you as you are leaving your home. Here is where the Tile device and the eponymous app come on stage. A little white square that receives the signal has to be attached to the object you want to be easily found and the Tile App should be installed on your phone. When you are in a morning hurry, you simply locate the thing you are looking for with the help of the app.

Start day with bathroom song

Many of us cannot resist singing in the shower. It is relaxing and thanks to the water-provided enclosure around our ears, we actually hear ourselves much better. But today that pleasure can be accompanied by Kohler Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead and Speaker. The showerhead emits the sound, i.e. is a speaker itself, which creates an incredible ambience for morning crooning in the shower. The songs you play have to be downloaded to your smartphone, of course. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, you can also play the music from a laptop or a tablet, as well. The speaker has a lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable. When going for this morning singing equipment, it would be practical to get an 8GB micro SD card to fill the smartphone with a real heap of your favorite music.


Let the light wake you up

In the morning the body likes best to be woken up by light. Sound alarms can often be pretty shocking for the body and mind that have been sleeping for seven or eight hours. Today it is possible to simulate the sunrise with the help of Rise & Shine Natural Wake-Up light manufactured by Verilux. This lamp-like device is designed to follow the natural rhythm of the body. With the gradual emergence of light, everybody can wake up in a slow and gradual way. And what is more, it also has a sound alarm, for those who still like a shocking wake-up manner. Also, 20 levels of light power offer options for everyone to have a stress-less morning rise.

To get ready for a business day, it is essential to start it in a relaxed manner. All those devices do exactly that and keep you stay fresh and productive all day long.

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