Thane, an upcoming Maharashtrian city & popular tourist destination

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Thane is a major city in the state of Maharashtra. The city is in close proximity to the state’s capital, Mumbai and is a modern city that today is complete with all parameters of modernization. Meanwhile, the city is also a popular tourist destination as it has some interesting and unique tourist attractions. Visit the city to explore it and its allures, and for accommodations one could choose from the hotels near Thane railway station.


Thane, largely known as the city of lakes, is one significant part of Maharashtra state. Located towards the northeast of the centre of Mumbai, the capital of the encompassing state, the city formerly was a small suburb of the Mumbai. For the few initial years, may be decades the city served as the residential of many who work in Mumbai but wanted their homes in more quietude replete place. During its initial decades the city was primarily an agriculture based city consisting of fertile lands that were blessed by the rivers like Thana, Vaitarna, and Ulhas. However, as the years passed by the city developed and started to host industries on its own. Today, the city is the seat of several industries, of which the chemical, textile, and engineering
are the three most significant industries.

In the historical front, Thane is blessed with a glorious, as well as a bit tragic history. It is amongst the cities in Indian territory that were ruled by the Portuguese. Their reign over the lands of Thane began since 1530 and lasted till 1739. Compared to the period of their dominance in the city the Marathas ruled the city for a very short time period. The reign of Marathas started with the fall of Portuguese and lasted till 1784, when the British snatched the power from the Marathas. They then called the city Tana, which later became Thana and finally settled with Thane. Today, the old colonial buildings, number of Churches, a fort called Ghodbunder Fort are the testaments of the glorious past of the city. They are also regarded as few of the prime places to visit in Thane and are major tourists pullers.

There is a small village near to Ghodbunder Fort. The village is recognized by the name of the fort itself. The fort was built by the Portuguese, which was later captured by the Marathas and then became the district headquarters of East India Company. When in the city, the fort is a must visit. The good thing is that there are taxis, cabs, and even auto-rickshaws available to the fort. Additionally, there are some good hotels in Thane with tariff suiting budget of many which also offer transportation services to the fort.

Meanwhile, Thane is also rich with various allures of the nature. Though the city is a major industrial hub still many parts of the city is capped with lush greenery. It is surrounded by the Parsik hills and the Yeoor hills and has reliable and heavy rainfall. The city itself is situated besides a creek called Thane creek which divides the city into two parts. There are road and train bridges that apart from being the modes of transportation also offer some amazing views of the creek and the city. Plus, Thane is blessed by over 30 beautiful lakes which further makes the city beautiful.

On the tourism front, the list of sightseeing is rather long. However, the most well-known tourist attractions of the city that are simply worth checking out include: Naneghat Hills, Upvan Lake, Kashi-Mira, Masunda Talao, Kelva Beach, Har Har Gange Waterfalls, Bhiwandi, Ambarnath Temple, Jawahar Palace, Sudhagad Fort a.k.a Bhoraigad Fort, and Kashi-Mira. The good thing is all these tourist spots are easily accessible, as there are taxis, cabs, auto-rickshaws, and even buses available to many of the tourist sites.

In a nutshell, being a modern city which is also replete of all aspects of tourism Thane is one destination that one ought to visit. The city is simply magical, especially during the festive time and monsoon. Visit the city to explore it for real, and for accommodations choose one from the various good hotels. The hotels near Thane railway station are the ideal choices for one’s accommodation as they have the advantages of connectivity along with offering content accommodation.

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