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Is there such a thing as an eco-swimming pool?

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You have always dreamed of having a swimming pool in your backyard, one reserved solely for you, your family and friends. And, at last, everything is in its right place, the budget is ready and full, there is more than enough time to finish all the work before summer comes, the first one in years that will finally be enjoyable and refreshing, without having to drive for an hour, spend another trying to park your car and yourself by the pool, and, to top it all, elbow your way into water and out of it. Still, wait for just another moment and let us introduce you to the idea of eco-friendly pools and try to persuade you to think long term and health wise.

Eco-friendly Importance

First of all, let us define an eco-friendly pool: the one that uses, but does not abuse water; the one that requires less chemical to have clean water, the one that uses less heating energy and the one that is built of an environmental friendly material. Therefore, eco-friendly pools are good for your health in general, compared to traditional pools, as well as protecting the environment and this is how to build one.

Building Material

Instead of opting for concrete, fiberglass or vinyl as a construction material, use gravel or clay to build your backyard pool. If these materials do not satisfy your constructional requirements, take Rastra blocks into strong consideration. They are made of recycled polystyrene and cement, come in prefabricated sizes and are quiet easier to handle than concrete ones, not to mention the significantly higher level of eco-friendliness.

eco-swimming pool

Filtering System

The best one is a non existing one. Keeping your swimming pool water clean in a traditional way, by using chlorine is both health and ecological hazard. Yes, it does help you get rid of bacteria, but the effect it may have on your skin and eyes if used improperly is more than enough to consider other options. On top of that, when you empty your pool after summer, the water goes into the surrounding ground doing damage to it for years to come. When it comes to traditional mechanical filtering system, they can be replaced by aquatic plants as a means of natural purification that enriches the pool with oxygen and useful bacteria. Moss filtered pools, for instance, are a great example of how the use of chlorine can be reduced to minimum while having your pool water clean and healthy. Also, building a planted area next to and connected to your swimming area helps purify and filter the pool water

eco-swimming pool

Water Temperature and Resources

Keeping the water temperature optimal is also something that is required if you want to fully enjoy your swimming pool. The most common way to do this is using natural gas or electricity powered heating systems, which are an ecological threat, long term and natural resources wise. On the other hand, the above mentioned planting of the swimming pool helps to keep the water temperature optimal without need for any additional heating. Also, if the budget allows it, installing solar collectors to heat water boilers and regulating temperature of your swimming pool with them would be a great eco-friendly manner. Maintenance plays an important role in saving water resources, too. Fixing small leaks needs to be instant and efficient, not only will you save water but you will not let the problems escalate into something that requires more attention and work. Last, but not least, in a recent conversation with swimming pool builders Sydney, we found out that simple covering of your swimming pool when you are not using it would be beneficiary in two important ways: it will preserve the temperature of the water ant it will significantly reduce the evaporation.

eco-swimming pool

As you can see, it is possible to build an eco-friendly swimming pool. Obviously, it will require additional effort and doing further research is more than welcomed. However, this is one of those opportunities where you could make a difference and have an impact on general ecological state our world is in. Remember, any contribution counts and why not, along with building a unique relaxation oasis in your backyard, make one yourself?

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