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Usage of Perforated Metal Sheet For all Structural Components

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Perforated sheet is made by stamping metal sheets such as titanium, steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper or bronze. The stamping can be perforation, embossing, slotting or checkers. The perforations come in different shape, sizes and gauges. Perforated metals are versatile in nature due to their particular build. They are used for a wide range of purposes from being used as lightweight decorative materials to load-bearing structures. The holes in them offer endless opportunities when it comes to using them for different purposes. Their composition strength along with the metal finish allows them to be used for purposes of functionality and beautification as well, fulfilling design objectives.

Technicalities of perforated sheets

Due to the perforations in them, perforated metal sheet have a wide range of utility in agricultural, industrial and architectural sectors. The holes in perforated sheet can be differently shaped and sized according to the purpose of use. They can have round, square, hexagonal or slotted holes or can even have decorative holes.

  • Technically, it is advisable for you to use perforation size that is larger than the thickness of the metal
  • Distance between the centres of two adjacent holes is termed as the whole centre. The area of the hole is the total area of the hole divided by total area of the sheet, expressed in percentage
  • The blank area around the sheet is known as the margin of perforated sheets. In case if you want margins, it is recommended for you to have them equally on all four sides
  • The thickness of the sheets can vary from anything between 0.2 and 12 mm

Industrial use of perforated sheet

perforated sheet

Since they are made out of stainless steel, perforated metal sheet find extensive use in the industrial sector due to their durability and non-rusting qualities. They are fast replacing other materials in the market.

  • In the engineering industry, perforated sheets find use in machines and system components.
  • Stainless steel, galvanized steel or aluminium perforated metal angle are beads used in construction of wall corner plastering and reinforcement. They are used to counter chipping and cracking of walls.
  • Metal perforated sheets are molded into wind breaking nets with peaks and dents with holes on both parts. They are stronger than plastic sheets used and are ideal for use in stored items in high wind speed areas.
  • This can be used to prevent wind from carrying away the dust from coal, lime ore and other bulk flow material that accumulate in open space and pollute the atmosphere. In sandy areas, they can be used to keep the environment clean.
  • Perforated sheets are mold to tubes and pipes used in display system, super market storage system, and water treatment screen as filter tubes and others.
  • Perforated louvers are used to allow ventilation through metal doors in industries.
  • Perforated sheets are used in agricultural vent system as well. Food grains that are stored in warehouses need proper drying and storage which is done by passing air through the end walls of the boxes or the storage unit which are made of perforated sheets.
  • Their use as interior paneling can help control interior climate.

perforated metal sheet

Architectural and design use

Key uses of perforated sheets apart from heavy industries is in architecture. These sheets are both aesthetically pleasing, in-line with minimalist approach to offer a neat decor and also have functional value.

  • Here, it is primarily used as noise control panels and curtains. Perforated panels are highly efficient as acoustic panels and screens. Made out of stainless steel, these acoustic screens have the ability to absorb sounds like sponge and at the same time, they are visually attractive. These can be used to shield sound intrusion from board rooms to concert halls to recording studios
  • Perforated metal sheet sunshades and sunscreens last more than shades and screens of any other material and are maintenance free. They can be molded into required shapes and sizes as per specification. They come in a variety of colors and finishes.

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