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Useful Kitchen Tips for our Daily Household

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Whether he/she is a cook, foodie, housewife or a bachelor, everyone spends a lot of time in the kitchen while cooking, washing the crockery and other kitchen chores. Usually we have to prepare meals three times a day and have to deal with all the setting and cleaning the kitchen articles that comes with them. Below mentioned kitchen tips  will save you on money, and time while dealing with kitchen issues that we are often dealing with and make the kitchen a safer place to work.

Kitchen Tips

Here are some useful tips for cooking, cleaning and preserving food. Skim through these easy steps and enjoy your cooking. 

  • For better flavor of dal, add a few pinches of turmeric and a small spoon of ghee to it before pressure cooking.
  • Crush the dried herbs prior to the recipe for better fragrance.
  • Want to smoothen an icing surface? Use a knife dipped in hot water.
  • For faster boiling, add a pinch of soda bicarbonate to the water when boiling peas and other green vegetables. It also helps in retaining the bright green color.
  • For crisp and brown bake potatoes, soak the peeled potatoes in hot water for a while, pat dry and pierce all over with a fork before placing for roasting.
  • Sprinkle some flour over the raisins to avoid stickiness.This will help you for easy chopping.
  • If you want to store the fish for more than a day, then clean it, rub with salt and turmeric. You can also add vinegar before freezing.
  • Use airtight plastic containers for storing chopped veggies in fridge to avoid browning and drying up.
  • Add a little amount of dry rice to sugar while grinding to avoid lumps.
  • Soak cauliflower in warm salted water for some time to get rid of tiny insects present deep inside it.
  • Add some salt or vinegar drops while washing vegetables to make them clean and germ free.
  • Deep fry the varied colored doughs on low till done and store them in airtight containers for 2-3 days.
  • Wash, drain and toss the onion into some beaten curd to avoid the sharp taste. You can add a dash of salt and pepper to it for a tasty raitha.
  • To avoid the too sour taste of curd, tie it and keep aside for 3-4 hours, add milk and use it in the food.
  • Grind the peel of apples, cucumbers and peaches, add to the ingredients of a green chutney like coriander leaves, green chillies, ginger, coconut, salt and sugar for tasty and nutritious chutney.
  • To clean burnt leftovers from casserole, soak it in a weak solution of vinegar, salt and soapy warm water for an hour or so. The stuck particles will come off very easily.
  • Rub the soles of leather soled new footwear with some sandpaper to keep from slipping on polished floors.
  • To make cut flowers last longer, cut a small piece of the base of flower stalks each day, and add a capsule contents of B complex to the vase water.
  • Peeling ginger can be tricky with all its bumps and irregularities. Use spoon to peel it and minimize the waste.
  • Whether it’s puréeing soups directly in the pot, getting rid of ugly lumps sauce, or making juice, get an immersion blender for all purpose.
  • Keep a small strainer for squeezing limes.
  • Use the small strainer for making perfectly shaped poached eggs. Crack the eggs into the strainer over the sink and swirl them around gently to remove the excess watery white and you’ll get an egg-shaped egg that poaches up clean.
  • Add a bay leaf to the flour container for keeping it free from moisture.
  • Add a piece of coconut shell while cooking mutton dish for tender motton and faster cooking.
  • If you want less oil in fritters,add a pinch of salt while frying Puris or Pakoras. This will help absorb less oil.
  • To keep the flavor of the veggies, add a small amount of sugar when cooking carrots, peas, beets or corn.
  • Add a tsp of vinegar in water while boiling eggs. This will prevent the contents from coming out from the cracked egg.
  • For Softer Dosa, add some cooked rice while grinding for Dosa.
  • Splash some cold water to separate the noodles after boiling it.
  • Fry onions in a little oil and then grind to avoid the bitter taste of raw onion.
  • Soak cut egg plants (brinjal) in water to avoid turning black.
  • Grate a raw potato after grating cheese to clean the shedder. This clears the gummy cheese out of the holes.

Adapt them in your daily life and enjoy happy and safe cooking. I’ll be back with more tips soon.

Till then, Stay healthy and be happy!

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