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Warning Signs That Demand Immediate Toilet Repair

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A non-functional toilet can be troublesome and requires fixing at the right time. The first thing that you will do is call a plumber for toilet repairs. In this blog, we have got together some of the key signs that demand immediate toilet repair. Broken toilets flush not working, broken toilet seats are some of the instances for which you need to hire a toilet repairing specialist.

Common signs of toilet problem and the need for repair

Water at the base of the toilet

One of the common problems that many homeowners face is the leaking water at the base of the toilet. Well, if you are not a pro at DIYs, then we would not recommend fixing it yourself; rather, you can take preventive measures by placing some paper towels at the base so that it absorbs water. You can leave it there, till the plumber arrives. The common reason for this is the worn-out wax seal at the base of the trailer. To fix this issue, the plumber is going to replace the wax ring.

If you notice that after drying up, when you place the paper towels back at the toilet base, and they aren’t wet, then you must check the connection between the hose supply and the tank. Place the paper towel at this juncture, and if you notice that it is wet, it means that there is a problem with the water connection.

There are simple household tasks for which you need to be careful to take care of the toilet, and not overuse or underuse it. The pressure on the flush knob should also be checked.

Toilet Repair

Slower refilling of the tank

The next probable reason you may need a toilet repair is that you notice slower tank refilling. It could be because of the sabotaged flush valve, or there is a leaking flapper. To repair this, you must remove the tank line and flush the toilet properly. If you notice that the flush valve is sticking or you hear water tracking, it means you need a new flush valve.

The best way would be to repair the seal. The plumber may also recommend changing other parts of the toilet only after inspecting it thoroughly.

Irregularly running water

In the case of a gravity-flow toilet, a leaky valve can result in running water. The simple way to rectify this issue is to check the toilet tank ball. See if it is falling onto the valve seal or not. If not, then there is a disconnect, then you might need to fix this problem. You must call a plumber for toilet repair in this case. Sometimes the quality of water also gets tainted with iron and when you flush, brown water starts gurgling inside the toilet. You can check accordingly and ask the specialist to repair it.

Toilet Repair

Blocked toilet

The most common problem that demands immediate repair in case blocked toilets. Sometimes you may notice that the kids flush their toys or disposing of the wipes or sanitary products into the toilet can lead to clogging. You may use a plunger for this, but if you fail to get any rewarding results, you must consider calling a plumber for toilet repair.

Concluding thoughts

Toilet repairs sometimes require the attention and expertise of a professional plumber. Make sure that you only hire a professional and experienced plumber. The internet is the best place to find a competent plumbing contractor. They must be licensed and have insurance. As a homeowner, you would not want a leaky and non-functional toilet in the house. Now you can also hire emergency toilet repair professionals to get rid of smelly and clogged toilets.

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