What Is Freediving? What Can You Learn From A Freediving School?

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Freediving is an aquatic activity whereby the diver practices breath-holding when he is under water. Some of the activities within freediving are breathhold fishing, apnea competition and freedive photography. By joining a freediving school, you will learn about freedive theories. Among all the activities, competitive apnea is the most popular. It is an extreme sport whereby the competitors attain great depths, distances in a single breath. Here the diver does not use any underwater breathing apparatus. To be the part of this exciting sport, you need to learn freediving first.

free diving

It is necessary to take up freediving lessons from a renowned school since this sport is dangerous for people who do not how to do this activity. The sport person wears a mask and fins and moves below the water. The one who knows this sport will enjoy depths of water without any need for uncomfortable, clumsy and heavy Scuba equipment. On the other hand, there are some who see this sport as a relaxation sport. It sport will not get your heart pumping unlike those sports that are adrenaline pumping. It is also a fabulous instrument if you want to hunt under waters. Apnea may be considered as deep breathing and relaxation exercise to bring a positive change in an individual. He can be more aware of himself and his surroundings. It improves physical and mental state of the person.

Freediving theories at the school

A freediving school will teach you theories regarding freediving and safety. In the initial stage of learning freediving you will cover mostly the theoretical aspects of this sport and. The diver is given an idea how underwater conditions might impact one’s body. He is also made aware of his safety limits. The trainer acquaints the trainee about precautionary measures to undertake, and how to use hand signals to give certain messages.

Learn the basic freediving skills

The activity, scuba diving is more enjoyable and fulfilling if you know the art and are more agile. You must know how to cruise underwater. The training instructor will teach you how to use fins and masks. You will know the way to use snorkel and the diving mask efficiently. There will be practice sessions at school so that you master the basic freediving skills.

Proper dive planning

As you are diving without underwater diving apparatus, you need to be careful. One has to learn how to plan the dives. Proper planning of dives can prevent problems and mishaps while preparing you for eventualities. This is an important part of freediver training to analyze the diving table carefully. The diver can hence organize a decompression stop, safety stop and even calculate no decompression stop. Apart from this, the diver will be given an additional training on first-aid measures that may be adopted. Also, you will learn how to save a buddy in danger.

Specialized training

Freediving may extend far beyond recreational level and may attain vocational or training aspect. With specialized training, you will sharpen your skills. It is also important to learn about the type of accessories to be used. Some of them are mask, bi-fins, weight belt, wetsuit, dive socks. By undertaking a course in diving, you can also attain certification.

Freediving training and what it includes

Freediving is no more just a sport; it is a favorite pastime for many. Proper training is required to enjoy this sport thoroughly. The training includes skills like equalizing, learning about diving techniques, breath holding technique, lung training and relaxation.

You may find a good training school to hone your skills in freediving. With progressive training, you may get amazing results. First you will get normal training on diving and this will progress to attaining specialized skills.

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