5 Fashion Reasons to Love This Season

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We all like wearing nice clothes. However, many people are satisfied with ordinary, straightforward clothes that fulfill their basic needs to stay clean, protected and safe from different weather conditions. But it would be a shame not to try and wear all the clothing beauties that spring can provide. And there are so many reasons to love this spring regarding fashion.


#1. Pendants for body top

People who dictate trends have taken a loose path for this season and decided to let your bijoux items hang from your body. Thanks to this trend, you can combine so many things, starting from pendants around your neck to pendent earrings and even loose bracelets. The number of amalgams mixing those items is immense and you should try as many as possible.

#2. Hip scheme of denim

Casual clothes are always highly appreciated, since we are not able to get spick-and-span looks for every occasion. That is why this spring everybody who likes staying out of tight and strict clothes can relax. Fashion designers decided to approve the use of denim items for this season. Jeans and denim jackets can be worn together (less approved) or in combination with other materials (more likely). For instance, a beautiful midi skirt with floral patterns and a light denim jacket could be a wonderful choice for an easy Saturday afternoon walk through the heart of the city.

#3. Loosen up and relax

Unlike some previous years, when it was all about tight clothes, this year and spring give more freedom to our outfits. Items such as voluminous skirts and dresses, as well as loose shirts are at the very centre of trends for this season. If you do would like to get out of the skirt/dress-frame, full-flare pants are also a great option. Many of these items can be found among your elderly relatives’ clothes, as well as on the Internet. There are sites that do clothes swapping and also give advice on different fashion trends, like the blog.


#4. Suede to materialize your beauty

With the help of the sun and mostly mild temperatures, you can show the best of your beauty from March to June and to be able to do that, you will need to choose the right footwear. Spring can sometimes be the excellent time for sandals and sneakers, but light shoes are usually the finest choice for this part of the year. Spring 2015 is all about suede footwear. The major advantage of this material is that it looks great in every color, from pastel shades to more elegant, darker tones. In addition, it is not only restricted to shoes, but many other items can be made of suede.

#5. Little mermaid for big fashion

As spring symbolizes the revitalization of nature, body and mind, such motifs are often used in fashion industry, as well. This year, the pre-summer season is richly decorated with lively underwater fashion features, such as shades of marine colors and barnacle patterns on dresses. All those solutions that can make you look like a little mermaid and win a big bulk of points on the fashion scoreboard.

With the variety of choices shown in this text nobody can stay unsatisfied in terms of trendy clothes this spring. In addition to that, go and see boutiques and dressmaker’s stores in your vicinity and get the funkiest clothes for this spring.

Authors Bio:
Dan Radak is a VPS security and Hosting generaly specialist. Currently he is a coauthor on several websites. Lately he has been interested in fashion related themes. You can follow him on Twitter.

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