Educational Safe Haven

An Educational Safe Haven for Your Child

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Once you become a parent, there is one important thing you should know: your children are never too young to start learning about the world around them. They might seem so innocent and fixated on playtime, but as soon as they start talking their curiosity gets the best of them, and parents start to stagger under the amount of questions. It is agreed upon that what they should receive from you is a completely honest answer.

Even though you are the main source of all information that your child acquires while it is still young, you could make it a little easier for them to find answers on their own. Resourcefulness is the best life skill you could teach them, and luckily, there are some pretty amazing ideas on how to make a child’s room into an educational treasure hunt. Let the skill building commence!

# Wall Maps

If you are not sure what color to paint your child’s room, or what theme to go with, you can always begin by planting the traveling bug within your child. Decorate the walls with a big, bold, and beautiful map of the world. Surround your kid with distant continents and countries from an early age, not only to teach them geography, but also to encourage them to dream big and understand their place in the world, and how easy it is to expand from there. No place is too far to go to if it can fit on one wall of your room, right?


# Gaming Station

Gaming stations for adults are typically that precious corner of the house where you keep your gamepads and consoles, but rarely get to spend time in because you work hard for the money. Kids have all the time they need, but presenting a 4-year-old with a Team Fortress all-nighter is out of the question. However, filling a corner of their room, a shelf if you will, with neatly stacked educational toys to boost various skill sets and flame up interests in different topics. They can be puzzles (for all ages), my-first-anything kits, easels, crafts sets, and educational thematic board games.

# Chalkboard Wall

When they are really young, kids have a blast bringing their artistic skills to the table… and to the wall, and to mom’s business papers. It can become a menace. That is why setting up a chalkboard across a whole wall (or even a part of a wall) is not such a bad idea. DIY blogs went berserk with DIY chalkboard projects, so finding a can of chalkboard paint at any craft store should be no problem, and neither should finding unique chalkboard wall ideas online.


# Lacing Shoe

This might seem like quite an unusual toy, but toys that develop a child’s motor skills are increasingly relevant, now that children spend less time outside, and more time on baby-tablets. Placing an oversized felt shoe on the wall with exaggerated laces, is a fun way to help your child upgrade from Velcro shoes as well as to put all of those little fingers to use, not just swipe away the day.

# A Learning Environment

No matter how old you are, you never stop learning – it is just that with age, the enthusiasm to learn tends to dwindle. For this reason, rooms of teenagers need to be even more creatively designed in order to motivate them to pursue academic excellence. Figure out what interests them, ask them for ideas, and decorate their room in accordance. And if puberty didn’t strike them too hard, they might even help you redesign their room – bonding with a teenager is a rare enough moment.

Educational Safe Haven

Place a comfortable chair at their desk, or even ditch the desk & chair moment completely – it’s not like teenagers use them for anything other than extra storage. Instead, give them any sort of environment they will feel the most comfortable to study in, and this includes removing all distractions. It is hard to focus on pen and paper homework, when Facebook is a click away, and they don’t even need to leave their chair to get there. A pin board is also a fun and practical thing to place in a teenager’s room. You could just give them the materials needed as a present, and let them make a pin board themselves. It is a popular DIY on teen tutorial Youtube channels, and it can be used not only to keep important notices, but also pictures of them, their friends, or different cities from around the world, that might motivate them to make an effort and one day travel there themselves.

Even though digital natives spend most of their time staring at a tablet or computer screen, their rooms should still be their safe place and a reflection of their personality, but most importantly a place for them to find motivation and privacy at the same time.

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