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Plantation Shutters For Your Windows -An Amalgamation Of Old World Style, Elegance, Flexibility And Simplicity

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One of the quintessential smart options for your window is installation of Plantation Shutters. They are nothing but window coverings which are traditionally made from broad slats of wood and mounted on a solid frame. The slats can be tilted in a totally or partially open position or they can be closed completely. They are fixed and cannot be moved up or down like window shades or blinds. There are diverse opinions regarding the use of plantation shutters, and how they are suitable for your windows? They are versatile in nature, when you compare them to the traditional drapery system, and they can suit the interior of any of your room. You can easily install plantation shutters all by yourself, or else, you can also call in the professionals for installing these. Right from your dining area to your bedroom and the kitchen zone, these plantation shutters give you a great value for money, if you want to sell your property.

There are two types of plantation shutters

  • Louvered: They are also called as plantation blinds. They usually fill the entire window with a rod in the middle to open and close the wooden blinds and are come in 3 different styles:
  • Full Height: Single panels which are divided by a horizontal divider in between allowing independent movement of the wooden blinds in the top and bottom slots.
  • Café Style: These are blinds that partly cover the window (mostly the bottom section) ensuring privacy and also allowing light.
  • Tier on Tier: This allows the top layer of the wooden blinds to swing open independently from the bottom set allowing full light to enter the room from the top with an option that the bottom layer of blinds can opened or closed totally.
  • Solid: They are made from solid wooden panels with which you can both ensure your privacy, light and property protection and also enhance the contemporary look of your living rooms.


Available in various size and colors:

These shutters come in a variety of sizes and in most cases they are custom built based on the dimensions of the window. They come in plenty of designs and even these designs can be tailor made to suit the interiors and the exterior of the building. There are several framing choices and also Inside and Outside mounting options.

plantation shutters

plantation shutters

Costing Framework

The Total Installation charges depend upon the following gradients:

  • The type of materials : includes Wood subtypes, MDF and finishing used
  • The overall dimension and shape of the window, the size of the wooden Louvre’s, shutter hinges and any other additional fittings that are required
  • Panel composition: The number of panels that are utilized
  • Workmanship charges


Availability and buying Options:

The tangible benefits of installing the plantation shutters are that they are multifunctional and give more flexibility in terms of the amount of light you want in the room and air circulation you require. These plantation shutters are revolutionary ones, with marvelous pastel shades, or darker shades for your lighter environment. These can be adjusted and maintained very easily. You can clean these plantation shutters all by yourself, you can also install them, but in case you cannot do so, you can consult the professionals who manufacture and sell plantation shutters.

These shutters can be locally ordered and custom made by any specialized vendors who deal in the shutter workmanship. Alternatively, Nowadays the order can also be placed online on websites that offer this specific service, the skilled workmanship will be made available based on your location or you buy the shutters online and hire skilled installers to get the final installation done to suit your requirements.

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