Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Should Consider

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Getting your name out there is one of the most important things every small business has to do and this is why marketing strategy is so important today. With the seemingly endless variety of contact points to your potential customers and clients, it is only a matter of choosing how you plan on advertising yourself as a company. There are numerous marketing strategies available to small business and here are some that you should consider.

Social Networks

One of the best and most effective ways to spread brand awareness is to use social networks to not only establish new contacts and allow new customers to find you but also let the previous positive experiences work for you. Social networks are resources that your business has to exploit, and with them, you can use the positive experiences that your returning customers had to bring in new clients and customers. While a great ad will get you far, nothing can really beat the positive review that your customers leave.

Stay In Touch

If you own a small business, one of the things that you will really have to focus on is keeping the customers and turning them into returning customers as well. The best way to do that is to stay in touch, offer long term discounts, special offers and similar stuff that will show them that you care about them. This will make your business stand out among the competition and allow both returning customers and new customers to find your business without any difficulties.


It is important for a small business to stay visible. This means that you don’t only have to use things like ads and similar things to spread awareness to new customers but also remain physically visible. Nobody will want to spend half an hour looking for your offices. Make sure that your shops, stores and offices are easily located and that your customers or clients can access them easily. This means plenty of parking spaces where they can park close by and easily identifiable buildings.


Focusing Locally

People love their neighborhood. They love the idea of being loyal to their country, city and even their block. The big and huge companies are famous and their chains offer a lot of cheap merchandise and good deals. However, people cannot relate to them and they don’t have emotional attachment to them. With their small and neighborly business, they just might have that connection. You need to make sure that you make your business an integral part of the local community and make people choose your business over a large company.


Organizing charities is one of the most effective ways to put a good face on your new business and allow new clients and see you in the best light possible. Making sure that your new marketing strategy is fully effective will depend on how good you are in following up your charity events with various media tools. Make sure that your social network and local media are fully aware of your action in order to attract as much attention as possible.


Few things can spread the word about your small business like the smart use of merchandise. Focus on items that people will use and carry around all the time as this will maximize the advertisements effect and allow people who may not be aware of your business to gain some insight into it. Things like keychains, shirts, amazing branded umbrellas and similar items can be an extremely important tool in making your business popular and well-advertised.

When it comes to marketing strategies for small business, you really need to think in the term of doing more with less and making sure that you are as accessible to your customers as possible. While big companies and potentially even your competition may be able to deal with some bad publicity, you should avoid it at all costs. Focus your marketing efforts on small local events and build up your customer community from there trough good products or services. This will give you a strong start and allow you to deal with any problems that may come up as well as give you a great marketing tool as happy customers are the best customers.

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