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Tips for Starting your New Organic Garden

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Organic gardening is an interesting hobby and its popularity is constantly rising. As there is no use of any pesticides and other chemicals, this type of gardening is very healthy. Not only that fruits and vegetables grown in the organic gardens are more natural but this type of garden also helps in reducing the amount of pesticides and toxins in the environment.

Organic produce can be very expensive in supermarkets and that is why an organic garden can save you a lot of money. This hobby is not too time consuming and it gives you healthy food to serve to your family. Of course, before starting an organic garden it is necessary to get familiar with the basic techniques for this type of gardening. It is also very important to plan everything and get all the equipment you need. Only then you can start your new organic garden.

Choose what you will grow and find a spot for your organic garden

The very first step in this process is to decide what you are going to grow. Whether that will be fruits, vegetables or herbs, or maybe a mixture of all of that. If you are a beginner in gardening it can be helpful to start with something that is easy to manage and then later move on to something more complicated. For example, berries do not require much skill and attention and you can start with them. You should also think about which plants can grow well in your climate. You don’t want yourself to plant something that cannot grow in your garden. It is also important to choose a right place for your new organic garden. You should choose the spot for it according to the plants you have decided to grow. Keep in mind that most of the herbs and vegetables require at least six hours of sun per day.

Organic Garden

Creating the bed for your garden

Once you have find the right spot for your garden you have start making the bed for it. Think about how many plants you intend to have and how much space are they going to occupy. When you have decided how big your organic garden is going to be, you should set something of your equipment to mark the borders and start digging. In most of the cases you will encounter something that already exists in the place that you have chosen for your garden. Those are usually things such as grass or gravel. It is very important to clear the area so that your plants can grow easily. Once the bed is finished you are supposed to put compost in it. All of these steps have to be done properly so that you plants can grow without any difficulties. The best way to do all of this is with the use of garden tools. That way, the bed for your garden will be created properly and the only thing left to do is to plant.

Organic Garden

Buying the plants and planting them

You can visit home and garden centers and find the plants that you want to have in your garden. Be careful to choose seeds and plants that are completely organic. Some plants that have been grown by using chemical fertilizers and pesticides can become addicted to them and won’t grow well without them. That is way it is necessary to read any labels you will find on the plants or the seeds. You should also examine the plant itself and look if there are signs of disease or insects. Not doing this can result in contaminating your new organic garden. It is also good to check if the root looks strong and healthy. Once you have bought your plants, bring them home and dig the holes in the places where you are going to plant them. After you put plants in the holes you made, water the whole bed thoroughly. It is a good idea to label the plants so you wouldn’t forget where which type of plant is located. You can also make a map of all the plants in your garden.

Remember that gardens like this demand a lot of attention and be sure to do everything to make your plants grow healthy. You will definitely find this hobby very interesting and have a full table of healthy organic produce.

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