2015 Kitchen Designs
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2015 Kitchen Designs

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They say that the kitchen is the hearth of the home. It is the first room in the morning you go to, to make that delicious cup of coffee, prepare breakfast, and get ready for a new day. And then again, in the evening, this is where you prepare dinner and gather you whole family to talk about the highlights of your day. It is really important that this room is designed to suit your taste, so if you are thinking about redecorating, but not sure how to go about it, we have a couple of trends that will be extremely popular in 2015, so why not be the first one to try some of them out in your own home.

Wooden Cabinets

Even though it might not seem quite like a modern look, but wooden kitchen is what awaits us in the future. If you have had one of those ‘all metallic’, futuristic kitchens before, this just might be the right transformation for you. Either maple or cherry wood is everyone’s most favorite choice, but do not be afraid to mix them up. You can even have more different shades in your kitchen, as even though it is not the same tone, they blend perfectly well together. Wood will give your kitchen a bit more warmth, and you will have that summer house look all year long.

More Natural Materials

Along with wooden kitchen, came another material form nature in our homes – marble and limestone. It does seem simple, but one thing this design is not, is plain and dull. Put on one wall a large-scale backslash, and not only will it be unique, it will look like true work of art.

Gray Tones

On the other hand, there are those who are quite fond of traditional, all gray, metallic kitchen. Even though it is not the most recent design, it is the simplest and easiest to maintain. Another reason people choose to go this way is because they do not like to experiment with colors and patterns, but at the same time do not want to have that white kitchen sterile look. However, metal can also make you feel cold, so it is always good to incorporate some brass or copper fixtures.

Kitchen Designs

Put It All Together

One of the hottest trends this season are big open spaces, and multifunctional rooms. As people spend most of their days at work, when they come home they like to spend more time with their family, and that is why these open plan, uniform spaces are so popular. Kitchen, separated from the living room with an island and bar stools will give your home really modern look. These spaces are not so difficult to decorate, as you can choose to furnish everything so that both colors and designs match, or make two completely different wholes.

Plain and Simple

Some people do not like to complicate things and over decorate, and decide to go about it quite simple. All white, floor and wall tiles, table and chairs, with kitchen appliances out in the open. This will look good to you the first couple of weeks, but pretty soon you might find it a bit boring. However, the good thing about it is that you can add many details and decorations in different colors to warm up the place, like tablecloth, dish rags, oven mittens, flowers, and many more. Also, if you have enough space, you can add kitchen island in the middle of the room, even move the tap on it, but you will need to call Sydney plumbers to help you relocate the heater and pipes. These islands have been popular for some time now, but in 2015 it will be a definite must-have.

Kitchen Designs

No More Cabinets

Today, many people live in small apartments, and have an obvious problem with lack of space. That is why the newest trend is to have less upper kitchen cabinets, to visually open up the space. Store as many kitchen items as you can in bottom ones, and only if you are in desperate need for more, put one or two in the corner of the room. Another way to avoid this massive storage units is to put shelves on the walls, and decoratively order your dishes and cutlery.

So if you are thinking about redecorating and incorporating some of the newest trends into your kitchen, the best way to go is with less storage space, but with a big island made of natural materials.

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