The limited edition by Suzuki – Hayabuza Z

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More than a decade ago Suzuki developed a machine so unique that it attracted fans from around the world.

Like its namesake, the Japanese peregrine falcon, the 1340cc Suzuki Hayabuza Z Limited Edition is famed for its aerodynamic design, agility and performance. It combines massive thrust, unmatched maneuverability, and a silky smooth ride on city streets or the open road. Its feel of pure power gives both the rider and the machine an attitude of bold authority. The machine delivers a fun and sporty ride at any speed, setting the bar high for rivals and defining the “Ultimate Sport Bike.” The radically original yet timeless styling also reflects the spirit of the person who owns a Hayabusa. At the turn of the 20th century Suzuki surprised the world by introducing the Hayabusa. Over the last decade the motorcycle has evolved in styling, design, performance, smooth ride and balance. The addition of a new ABS and Brembo Monobloc front brake calipers takes the Hayabusa and rider to new heights. Besides its speed the Hayabusa has been lauded by many reviewers for its all round performance but it doesn’t compromise qualities like handling, fuel efficiency, noise, pollution, reliability or comfort. The specialty of Hayabusa is speed but speed is not the only thing it has got.

Just because this is a limited edition the owners of this bike would get a chance to have a nameplate with their own names inscribed on it. The company is also giving away a backpack along with the bike so that the owner can carry all the required documents of the bike whenever he is out on a ride. This is a very special ride for all the bike lovers and many people are dying to get their hands on this marvelous product. The bike moves with the air with a great sense of stability and style. The chic look of this bike is very much appreciated by its customers. The great suspension and the chassis of the bike make it possible for you to experience a ride so smooth and fun filled that you would be amazed out of your wits every second. This bike is usually used for racing purposes and it will deliver a great performance whenever you take it out on the highway roads. This is not a city road bike. Although it has an option which enables you to switch it into different modes according to the choice of roads but still it is very much recommended that this bike should solely be used on the roads which have high maintained all year around.  It is a super fast sports bike which is enables you to reach all the speeding limits possible. If you love the thrill of riding without any fear or rejection then this is the ultimate bike for all your desires and wishes. This bike has the special design to help it move against the wind with sheer power and stability. Speeding up is usually not difficult but it does become a problem whenever there is an obstruction. An obstruction can be anything ranging from road bumps to faulty construction. Wind is another factor which definitely creates a problem for the normal bike to speed up but when it comes to this super bike it has a great feature that helps it cut off the wind with ease. This super bike is for the ones who have the passion for it.

The first generation had a 1299 cc, four cylinder with sixteen valves, in line 4 cylinders driven by dual overhead crankshafts .This configuration technologically unremarkable for that time delivered a record setting claims 173 brake horse power at the crankshaft by the virtue of the largest displacement ever in a sports bike and a ram air system that forced cool, pressurized air in the cylinders at speed. Combined with sophisticated aerodynamics, this engine pushed the Hayabusa’s top speed far above the Honda CBR 1000XXX Blackbird by a significant leap, contrasting with the incremental gains that preceded the Suzuki Hyper sport entry. The 1997 carbureted CBR 1100 had previously inched past the previous top speed record holder Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11 of 1990.

The Suzuki motorcycles India has recently introduced the Suzuki Hayabuza Z limited edition for the price of Rs. 16.20 lakhs. The new limited edition motorcycle would be available in a dual tone paint scheme with two variations, Blue and Silver and White and Silver. Apart from the new color scheme, the limited edition motorcycle also gets a Yoshimura R-77J slip-on exhaust.


The Hayabusa Z will come in at a premium of Rs 20,000 more than its standard version. The engine in its stock tune, it is a 1,340 cc four cylinder, liquid cooled unit that is capable of providing 197 bhp of power and 154 Nm of torque. While the new end can would not be able to dramatically change this output there would certainly be a small percentage of improvement that would be noticed with the performance. That, combined with the weight reduction from the carbon fiber-tipped titanium exhaust, the difference would be slightly more noticeable. Suzuki India has not commented on the actual power output that is achieved from the aftermarket exhaust, but it is expected to be in the range of 3-5 bhp Apart from the new paint and a the R-77J end can, customers would also get a 1:48 model of the motorcycle and a racing calendar. Leaving the calendar and scale model aside, if one would go to purchase the Yoshimura R-77 exhaust from the market; he would be set back approximately Rs 30,000 (plus duties and taxes, since Yoshimura is not officially available in India). Thus for buyers who are interested, this is actually quite a lucrative deal.


The Limited Edition ‘Hayabusa Z’ was first showcased at the Motorcycle Live Show that took place at Birmingham, UK. The motorcycle was showcased alongside other ‘Limited Edition’ Suzuki motorcycles such as the Suzuki GSX-R1000 Moto GP Replica and the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 Desert.

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