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Things to Know Before Buying Massage Tables

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For someone who likes to get massage done, investing in a portable massage table makes perfect sense. Working on the floor can result in straining of the neck and back portion of the therapist’s body. Before purchasing these tables, it is good to have a general idea about what one wants. Following points discuss the features to be considered before buying a portable massage table:

  • Right Comfort Level:

The comfort level of a massage table is affected by two factors – density and thickness. In order to retain the shape, multi-density and high-density foam work better as compared to medium density or low-density foam. Multi-density foam includes layers of medium density and high-density foam. Multi-density or high-density foam padding helps in providing an ideal balance of comfort and durability. The thickness ranges from two to three inches in most foams. For obtaining more comfort, more thickness should be added. But at the same time, the table will get heavier.

Massage Table

Massage Table

  • Quality Vinyl Cover:

For covering the massage tables, the standard material is polyurethane vinyl. Among different manufacturers, the softness and quality of the vinyl may differ. A table with hundred percent polyurethane vinyl is more preferable. It is also environmentally friendly.

  • End Plates:

The end plate design must not be a source of worry unless one practices modalities like Reiki. One must select a table that has Reiki end plates if he or she wants to sit with their legs under the table at the foot end or head end. Reiki end plates are higher than standard endplates and provide extra leg room.

  • Quality Headrest:

There are two parts in a face cradle or a headrest: the attachment base and the face cradle pad. The post present on the base can be made of metal, aluminum or plastic. As compared to the post made of plastic, those made of aluminum or metal are more durable. A face cradle that can be adjusted fully by using a cam lock mechanism should be preferred. 

  • Construction of the base:

The legs and base support of a massage table comes into one of the two categories: aluminum or wood. As compared to aluminum, wood proves to be more aesthetically pleasing as compared to aluminum. Aluminum is lighter than wood. Hence, if a massage table needs to be moved often, then an aluminum massage table will make the transportation easier.

  • Right dimensions:

The dimensions of a massage table depend upon two factors: the comfort of the therapist and client, and the body type. Taller clients can be accommodated easily on a long table, which can be up to seventy-seven inches. A table having a short length proves to be sufficient for the clients who are not very tall. For allowing the therapist to easily access the client, the width must be narrow. The body mechanics of the therapist may suffer if the width of the table is too much. This may also result in injury. Tables with narrow width are preferred by shorter individuals. Tables with a slightly wider width prove to be more efficient for individuals who are taller. For maximum therapists, a width range of twenty-eight to thirty inches is more comfortable. The table height must correspond to the body type and height of the therapist.

Massage Tables

  • Height of the table:

The weight of the table must be taken into consideration if the massage table is required to be transported regularly. The weight of a table may not pose a serious issue if one does not mind moving a heavy table. But for those who have trouble lifting more than thirty pounds of weight, a portable massage table that is lightweight must be preferred.

In this way, you can get maximum advantages from this article before you place your order with any provider of Massage tables.

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