Spiritually Rejuvenate Your Mind And Body In The Tranquil Regions Of Nanded

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It is today a common knowledge that road trips are fun and they can be taken whenever you want. It is merely a matter of concern that whether you are young or old, if adventure is the thing that endeavors in you, heading on an excursion will certainly entice you. Nanded a revered holy town in Maharashtra is one destination that you would love to visit if you seek a spiritually refreshing vacation.

India, aside from being known for its diverse topography and the large and diversified cluster of wonderful tourist destinations, is additionally home to some astounding road trips and some hidden destinations. One thing that is sure with heading off for every excursion is that you will have an incredible time as you pass through the picturesque areas full with quietness and enterprise welcoming you to spend a wonderful vacation. Nanded is a small region in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is known as an important religious centre amongst the Sikh community. It was once called Nandita, and the fact is testified by the copper plate that was found at Vasim, a small locality in the region.


Set on the north bank of Godavari river, it is one of the authentic spots in Maharashtra state. It is acclaimed for Sikh Gurudwaras and finds a prominent spot in Maharashtra tourism schedules for being home to numerous Sufi holy places. Religion is present on every aspect here and needless to say the locals are highly spiritual. One of the popular places of worship that locals as well as devotees from far and wide, just often throng is that of Sachkhand Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib. This is a standout amongst the most revered gurudwaras of the Sikhs where exists the “Takhat”and where the tenth Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singhji, took his last breath on October 7, 1708. Nanded is a town of incredible vestige. It is said that amid the Puranic days, Pandavas visited Nanded locale. Nandas ruled over Nanded through eras and thanks to it the place is called so.

A standout amongst the most prevalent spots when one is on a tour of Maharashtra, Aundha Nagnath Sanctuary is acclaimed for its rock-cut pictures as well as for the fact that it is the eighth of the 12 “jyotirlingas” in the nation. It is about few miles from Nanded. The mythical name for this spot is Darukavana and the profound temple of Lord Shiva is an incredible sight. It is said that Guru Gobind Singh visited Nanded with Bahadur Shah towards the end of August 1708, and then chose to stay here. Legend states that, Guru Gobind Singh wanted from Bahadur Shah to do justice on account of the killing of his sons and numerous different Sikhs, however when Shah demonstrated no interest on what the Guru expected from him, they decided to part ways. Furthermore, it was in Nanded where Guru Gobind Singh was stabbed by 2 men. On seeing that his time on Earth was close to its end, the Guru requested the Guru Granth Sahib to be established on the spot and this is how the place came to be known as the Takhat Sahib.

There are several other legends, myths, and tourist attractions here. Visit the place to relish all the attractions and allures. The good thing accessing Nanded is easy. There is a small airport, if you are coming from cities as far as Delhi, catch one of the Delhi to Nanded flight. Besides there are trains and buses running regularly towards the holy town.

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