office window tinting

Tips on Why Office Window Tinting Can Be Useful for You

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Have you ever noticed how tinted windows are becoming more and more common on office buildings? Office window tinting has become more of a rule rather than an exception. It has been proven through studies that tinted windows manage to enhance productivity by a significant measure. Find out how tinted windows at office can be a great choice for you as an owner.

  1. Full privacy: Most offices are operational during the day, and tinted windows can offer a lot of privacy by shutting out views from the outside. Tinted windows are reflective in nature, and images of the sky, other office buildings and other structures reflected on the glasses make it difficult to understand what is going on inside. However, those in office can get a full view of the outside during the daytime.
  2. Relief from heat and glare
  • Reduce heat from sun by as much as 85%
  • Reduce glare by up to 95%
  • Reject ultraviolet light by up to 99%
office window tinting

Office Window Tinting

With untreated windows, heat, glare and UV rays of the sun are big problems. Tinted film windows can ensure temperature savings by as much as 15 degrees, which can translate into higher energy savings in maintaining cooler indoor temperature with air-conditioner.

  1. Better security: These days, security films are being created in order to keep office windows from breaking or shattering in the event of an intrusion. These are even safe from bomb attacks, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. If your office is located in a troubled area where terrorist attacks, vandalism and robberies are common, you can get more benefits and protection with the addition of security films on your windows. A bomb attack will not turn the glass on your office windows into deadly shrapnel. You can even find anti-graffiti films these days, which can be put on windows and removed easily if your office is subjected to a graffiti attack by racists. The films can be removed with the offending graffiti and replaced easily with a fresh one.
  2. Reduce fading: Tinted office windows also ensure that furniture, carpets and belongings in your office will not fade sometime soon. As these films can block the entry of UV rays by as much as 99.9%, and can significantly minimize damage to:
  • Furnishings
  • Artwork
  • Window treatments
  • Carpets
  • Floors

This is also the reason why stores displaying merchandise out in the open go for tinted films on windows. The longevity of the things within offices can be increased as much as possible and valuable things can be kept for longer on the floor.

  1. One-time cost: The cost of purchasing and installing tinted films on windows is one-time, as these last for many years to come. With security films, you can further increase the longevity of your things and allow your office windows to last for a significantly long time. The cost is only one time, and these films are one of the few products that ensure a significant return on investment. In most cases, the installation is done entirely for free.
  2. Eco-friendlier option: At a time when the governments of most countries are pressing on commercial establishment owners to lower their carbon footprint, the use of tinted windows can actually stand as an eco-friendlier option. You can significantly reduce your heating and cooling expenses with office window tinting. The installation and purchase expenses are fairly lower in comparison. When you consider the long time savings in energy expenses, you can understand the actual affordability of tinted windows and how much value for money they offer.

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