Custom Pallets

Why You Should Choose Custom-Made Pallets Over Mass-Produced Pallets

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Mass-produced pallets can easily be bought in bulk to serve all your business’s shipping and transport needs, and can even be picked up for free if another business has chosen to discard of their pallets on the kerb. The easy accessibility of mass-produced pallets means custom-made pallets are often overlooked. In reality, custom-made pallets are likely to be a smarter solution, particularly for unique or fragile cargo that needs to be transported or stored.

Custom Pallets

Custom Pallets

When you get custom pallets made by a reputable pallet designer and maker, you ensure that the material, design, construction and quality will be exactly tailored to your needs. A custom designer will take on board the purpose of the pallets, the method of shipment, the value of the product being transported and more to design the most appropriate pallets for you.

Protect your Products:

Pallets that do not adequately protect your products, be it due to their size, material or shape, can result in costly loss of inventory and possibly a halt in production. By storing, displaying and transporting your products in custom pallets, you ensure that your products are adequately protected in every way. The size and shape of the pallet affect the safety of your product, as a pallet that is too big will mean the product will knock around, while one that is too small puts pressure on your product. Custom-made pallets that are the appropriate size will keep your stock safer than mass-produced pallets.

Whether a pallet is made from wood, plastic or metal will also impact its structural integrity, with each material being suitable for different products. Using pallets that you just happen to have lying around, buying mass-produced pallets or picking up free ones discarded by other companies could put your stock at risk. Avoid damage to your stock by arranging for pallets to be custom designed, thereby being the right material and size to adequately protect your stock.

Ensure Durability:

Even if you have the right pallets on hand from previous orders, their durability may have been compromised after years of heavy use. Ask yourself how old the pallets are, how often they have been used and for what, whether they have been exposed to any chemicals or spills, or whether it has been damaged in any other way.

When sending products across the country or even internationally, you want to be sure that your pallets will be able to stand up to the challenge. The best way to ensure this is by starting from scratch, with brand new pallets. Of course, you don’t require new pallets for every job, but it is still worth revisiting your stockpile of pallets and seeing whether any need to be repaired.

Ensure Your Pallets Abide by Shipping Standards:

Strict rules apply when it comes to sending pallets overseas, particularly when it comes to wooden pallets, as these can harbour pests and disease.

Custom Pallets

Custom Pallets

If you choose to use pallets that are being given away for free, you can’t be sure where they have originated from and whether they meet international shipping safety standards. This could cause complications later down the track when you are trying to export your stock. When it comes to rules and regulations, it is better to be safe than sorry. Having your pallets custom-made by a company that abides by international standards will ensure that your pallets will be able to pass through customs without a hitch.

Improve Efficiency:

The workflow of your warehouse or factory is integral to the overall productivity and efficiency of your business and necessitates having everything work like a well-oiled machine. Custom-made pallets that are designed to work in harmony with your machinery will improve the workflow of your warehouse or factory, allowing for faster results and improved staff morale.

Although it might be tempting to keep reusing your existing pallets, pick up any free ones you find or order mass-produced pallets in bulk, there are situations where custom-made pallets are essential. If you have a specific size and material requirements, need a uniform size of pallets to improve your company’s workflow, or have noticed that your old pallets are simply not up to the task, speak to a company that can design and create custom pallets. This will allow you to transport your stock safely and get the exact equipment your business needs to succeed.

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