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Green Walls: A Sustainable Solution for Your Home

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You have always admired the looks of those ancient houses whose walls were covered by plants from the ground to the very peak of their roofs. It gives a touch of class to the house and you always imagined that they must be homes of the noble people living very interesting , turbulent and rich lives, unbothered by problems of ordinary people living on a normal budget, such as electricity and heating bills, to name a few. Well, you got the looks part right, however, when you finish reading the entire text, you will be very surprised about the bills part. Here are a couple of important facts about green walls and the benefits they bring to your home. Of course, modern day green walls are custom made and include various types of plants, you are not bound to use only those that are able to grow from the ground to the roof, as the people living in the old days were.


The Beauty

It goes without saying that green walls are great looking and enriching. Depending on the foundation they are built on, you can have both modern looking house, if you use glass walls or different modern materials, or a Victorian style building, if you use bricks or stone. Whichever you prefer, the aesthetics of your house will not go unnoticed.


This benefit provided by green walls can be divided in two parts: thermal and acoustic. Thermal isolation is also two-fold, it includes improvements in room temperature both in summer and in winter. In a recent conversation with the people who work at my local stone supply store, I found out that the measurements say that during hot days, the temperature is 6 to 9 degrees lower with proper green walls installed, and during winter, your rooms will be 7 to 10 degrees warmer. This will significantly reduce your heating and electricity bills. When acoustic isolation is concerned, greenery is a well known isolating material and if you happen to live near industrial plants or busy roads, for example, the difference will be clearly heard. By properly choosing the plants used for your green walls, you can model these two types of isolation in the manner that suits your needs best.


Green walls can be interior, too. The effect they will have on the quality of air you breathe and its humidity will be a great benefit to your health in general, especially if you suffer from various types of allergies. Furthermore, green walls are a great way to reconnect with nature, the calmness and stress relief it brings is another scientifically proven fact.


The great quality of green walls is that they are sustainable, therefore highly economic and have a long lasting effect on all categories mentioned above and your environment, as well. Also, they come in various shapes and sizes and you can model them to your needs, making them an integral part of your home.

As you see, there is much more to it than aesthetics. Green walls are something you should take into strong consideration when thinking about the ways to improve the quality of your living.

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